How to resolve what Obama would like to achieve ?

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First of all have a look at U.S. National Debt :

OCC official seal
And at OCC Office of the Comptroller of the Currency :

To resolve we  are asking President Obama to invite FED/US Admnistration and Google for an agreement in order to launch a new economic practice, the money datevaluation practice which folks understand as a Gool-Bama-Cash practice to better perform  the ending Classic Economy. Going to Economy 4G3W.

Then suppose your economic life with an investment's substitute to make added value without risk. Because you, me and the others with our personalized-webliving-savings, folks linking money-to-money for much-more-money and the think is resolved as asked by Obama. Do you know better choice ? If yes, please informe.



An investment substitute, what for ?

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for what ?

To make homogeneity Classical Economics and enable the updating of the economic activity in the internet space and more specifically in the area of IoT.

Introducing recherches around projects like "Gbrain-bio-internet" serving very enlarged numbers on the idea "How big is big" at the Era of the Economy 4G3W.

The proposed practice of the money datevaluation as the first substitute of the investment is not arrived without new concepts and creations. The challenge was for the implementation of added value over each cash money parcel just by internet dynamics impulses.

 Going into Economy 4G3W


Make amazing your economic performance happen now

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By sharing cash prodution-taking cash results of yours personalized-webliving-savings in dynamic cashkeeping phase. Riskless 100%. Free 5/5. In IoT 24/24, 365/365.

 Datevaluation action

Your economic performance goes up, and immediatly happen  when you create Owdated Webquantums digital objects by datevaluation practice : it supose the use of your Peransonal-Webcashmotor, a Googledepending Androïd app allowing to moove from Classic Economy into Economy 4G3W (the web-impulsed-economy).
The amazing webcashmatic results are produced for you with capital gains by accounted timestock.


How is your cash_matic cow

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Your webcashmatic cow is presented as a web game to introduce datevaluation economic practice as an investment substitute which enables an infinite and virgin space for wealth creation under cashkeeping_mode. Cash_matic cow pretends to be a game proposed for smart heads thinking about big constructions. Exciting a Google/US Admnistration deal allowing a one-click-motor-for-savings as an economic app-for-folks-free-use. An alternative presentation for linking-money-to-money giving folks much-more-money with the opportunity of personalized-live-savings constitution.  Your cashmatic cow


Getting option for datevaluation practice

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https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jDiFhJbQd8HeCgaa5MWMlJPs3I6e5BLYr5lZ9HUDDH8/edit?usp=sharingGetting option for datevaluation practice


Your personal webcashmotor solves your freecashmatic taxes

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Yes. For wellness.

It is a natural condition on webcashmatic results application at the T.O.M. The Timestock Owndated Market every day at 12 o'clock New York local time.



What is the reason why the webcashmatic results, are most important than google search results ?

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Yes, because webcashmatic results, are all about getting cash from cash, for all your needs and wants. Immediatly , automaticaly and by free-web-motor.

 Webcashmatic results

Comparatively, Google Search results, are all about knowledge, then also for your needs and wants. After on, yes. Then you have to apply.

The reason for the greater importance, has the origin on the personal economic performance implemented by the web-dynamics cash results whose substance, Google is not resolving for folks favor results. It would be nearest if Google Search made web-knowledge-matic.


Why Apple is not prefered in front of Google for applying the 4G3W Economy ?

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Google has been researched into the silicon jungle and then elected for the job : Google have to launch the facility for "datevaluation" practice.

Yes giving folks the opportunity to get cash in webcashmatic way. Starting new things.

Yes giving to the world an investment's substitute and upgrading the Classic Economy.

Yes Google and US Admnistration, they can do that. With efficacity and simplicity.

Is the task possible because Google owns Alphalbet Inc. ?

No. It becomes because of Google's substantce and it grade of purity.

Don't you see that Google is essential ? Look :

Digital objects are like digital photos.

Then in the financial world the money may be organized like photos.

By datevaluation or linking money-to-money practice, it is possible to shift money parcels into "owndated webquantums", it means personalized-webliving-savings.

So personalized digital money is allways singular, depending on it creator ownership, it born moment, and it dynamic life of each 10€ charge in shared process of production for cash results.
Making webcashmatic results organized for you may become a Google's predictible job for folks wellbeing.


What is the pocket able to contain 203 billion in cash ?

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Nonsenses, may be.

Yes because if you own capital in small, big or very big amounts, you have to keep connection with that cash. And you would have to insure the cohesion. Connection with every cash dollar and cohesion between any cash dollar.
Yes it's like this : connection with every cash dollar and cohesion between any of the cash dollar.

Two matters where Google and WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web may help Apple or others owners of very big stocks of cash amounts.

Yes, Google can resolve how to find and to connect with every cash dollar.
Yes, WUW can resolve how to shift money in "owndated webquantums" for entire cohesion into IoT, the Internet of Things.

Did you find the pocket able to contain 203 billion in cash or any "how big is big"  amount of cash? Oh yes, the Internet of Things, is able of course.


Where are the economic spaces by 1 trillion turnover ?

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Look it in an added vector to the classic economic activity.

That extension for economic fields, let see and construct with enough facility.

Have you got it ?

Yes you see. The new economic practice called "datevaluation"  which is the extension able to open the new utility giving folks a new option to get added values from the creation of their digital objects.

Then at the virgin space where datevaluation may be executed to obtain "webcashmatic" results, big companies (Google i.e.) who are able to create, control and maintain the web appropriated structure for the relations [datevalors economic agent / WUW The Webcash Universocial Web / Google / US Admnistratiom / FED Timestock Exchange/US WorldTax Liberation Treatment / datevalors economic agent net cash results ].

OK. I got it. But where are the attributs of the infinite production to feed "webcashmatic" results, taxes payment for ongoing activity and ressources for trillions turnover ?

The thing (the fountain) is so obvious that blinds the most eminent scientists.

The financial recipe comes from the reduction of the classic cycle of profits achievement.

And from the classic economic cycle [cash-investment-production-billing-collection] we have to get a webcashmotor-cycle 4G3W which resolves the reduction [cash-production-cash_results].

The solution linking money-to-money, or cash-sharing-cash, or with the code name "gool-bama-cash" has been proposed and tested on public market from early october 1982.

The authoring is asking Google to give folks a one-click-motor-for-savings. Will Google retain ?


What is the utility of the tagvaporation onto live-savings ?

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When you create live-savings using the app personal webcashmotor you make a fusion that join together :  a start point of time (counting the time from the moment of your action), one parcel of capital (fixed at 10€) and creator's name who became the owner of that new created "owndated webquantum".

During the fusion for the creation of each "1 O.W. = 10 € in live-savings" your app proposes the free use of the tagvaporator function. You can use or refuse the tagvaporation menu which effect is to put an ability's #tag for the futur work over the capital of 10€ contained in the concerned 1 O.W.. (ie : capital#tag#research, capital#tag#health, capital#tag#africa)

Keeping you bank-finantial power.


Consumption, savings, investment, datevaluation, what is better for me ?

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Well, all and each of the four economic gestures are the better for you. In dependance of what effect are you looking for at the moment when you take your economic option. Then the mix to get results on your wellbeing, happens.

All the matter have to keep out of any economic confusion. Because :

1. When you are looking for to maintain or enjoy your life, you have to choose one economic gesture of consumption,i.e. you have to buy a T-bone ;
Clarification 1 : consumption practice is to live or to enjoy the life

2. When you are looking for to keep your security, your have to choose one economic gesture of savings, i.e. controling a quiet hideaway ;
Clarification 2 : savings practice is to defend needs of the life

3. When you are looking for wealth and plus values, you have to choose one economic gesture of investment, i.e. buying a production factor or stocks ;
Clarification 3 : investment practice is to run for reproduction effects on the life

4. When you are looking for all #webcashmatic advantages with the same money, you have to choose one economic gesture of datevaluation, i.e. shifting money in personalized-dynamic-savings ;
Clarification 4 : datevaluation practice is to upgrade economics and better perform the life


What if an investment substitute gives you capital gains over your cash reserves

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Well, such investment substitute gives capital gains risk free.

So the first consequence is that the cash reserves insure the investment substitute decision for you, for me and for everyone. And then, in that conditions the cash amounts affected to catch capital gains would take big dimensions. Like trillions and quadrillions of cash reserves generating a black hole of dynamic savings.

The second consequence is that the limits of classic investments were pushed up by the new economic space created by the such investment substitute performing cash over cash and insured in by the cash phase contained as it own nature.

The third consequence is the upcoming reality of imagination's projects.

Is Google working to give folks a one-click-motor-for-savings ?

Is the US Admnistration working to give folks an universocial wellbeing ?

We trust they have to deal. Giving folks the opportunity of the money datevaluation, linking money-to-money for much-more-money. Cash-sharing-cash-on-cash-production-for-cash-results.


The webcash structure as a new Google's gate for big investments

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WUW or The Webcash_Universocial_Web is proposed as a Google's technical structure to support the folks creation of Personalized_Webliving_Savings, in #cashkeeping mode, then the time exchange public space at the Timestock_Owndated_Market, resolving rewards for savers better in capital gains than instead of interest rents. Basically.

From there the webcash structure allow the distribution of multiplied cash results every 24 hours.
And from these sources for the free management of the personal bank_financial_power of each person, the Google's gate for big investments appear as a solution for the needs that Ruth Porat has to solve launching the money datevaluation practice by draft with US Admnistration.


How much is the annual production in interest of 1 trilion US $ ?

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What is it divided by 365 days ?

Well, at the rate of 2% if the debtor was safe as it could be the Fed, such production would be 2/100 * 1'000'000'000'000 / 365 = 27'397'260, - US $ every 24 hours.

What should you do to get the right to attend the daily sharing of this cash production generated by the Universocial Sovereign Anchor ?

To share results you have to be owner of at least 1 unit of digital savings. So you have to create one or more Owndated Webquantums connecting plots of 10 € with the USAnchor. Increasing production with at its own dynamics savings recorded in your account web_cash.

This is a part of the mechanical web within the process "linking money by mousephone 4G3W".


May we expect to gather 1 trillion US$ for a new investment ?

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Yes and no.

Yes, because political decisions may arrive over the market in front of some imposed big needs.

No, because investment needs presented at the market are going on priorities to  satisfaction with the lowest risks preferences.

So to gather big amounts of money for big investments (how big is big) we need an economic upgrade enlarging spaces and targeting new dimensions of time and of mobile dynamics portability.

Linking money-to-money or the money datevaluation practice is the investment substitute which resolves the difficulty to gather trillions or quadrillions.

Just we have to give folks a personal motor-for-savings.
Let people go directly to central banks. Let make the upgrade of the old financial pumps with their narrow necks on commercial banks uses. Let be Google  introduce financial structures  of dynamic savings for folks wellbeing.


How to hold time on money

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Creating your personalized-webliving-savings.

What for ?

For keeping cash reserves into free dynamic production. For allowing the accumulation of TimeStock on your money parcels. 10€/each Owndated Webquantum in your cash-account_web-impulsed. Your digital savings organized in cells of cash  production for cash-sharing-cash results.

Is the thing so useful ?

Well you can balance by weighting :

- you get a prime for your savings capacity, one growing time quantity ;
- you get a registered and accounted property for each of yours creations ;
- you keep cash making cash results and capital gains from savings.

Is that enought ?

Not realy, because how and when do I touch my cash results keeping my savings ?

Every day at 12 o'clock New York local time.

Where is the fixing of day results ? Are the results webcashmatic for me ?

Yes, indeed.

At T.O.M., The Timestock_Owndated_Market.


Why your investment's substitute has to be riskless

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Because if it's not, it's not an advantage worthy enough for the web-cash-matic results proposed on new Era of Economy 4G3W.

Because if it's not, it's not an advantage worthy enough for the web-cash-matic results proposed on new Era of Economy 4G3W. The thing is very easy to understand :

First of all : 
You have to create webliving savings, from some parcels of your analogic money (10€/1=OW) ; it's the job of your Personal Webcashmotor.
Then : 
You have to run your created Owndated-Webquantums in Internet sharing the WebSea's waves of cash production ;  it's the job of your Personal Webcashmotor.
At the end : So, staying in cash phasis, just you have to embed in your pocket all web-cash-matic-results :  it's the job of your Personal Webcashmotor.

Now you see that webcashmatic results, emerging from your cash-in savings-phase, is not only riskless but an appropriated helper for your economic performances.

So folks are anymore submited to investments risks when they have to look for capital gains. Is the new overcoming Era of the Economy 4G3W.


Financial plumbimg and datevaluation practice

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Thinking and working for a new Monetary Policy, the International Monetary Fund focuses changes on the systems of liquidity conducts.

Taking into consideration that the money datevaluation practice is coming with the use of each Personal Webcashmotor integrated on mobile smart devices, the financial pumps have to change, yes, but on a simplified process sheltering the folks preference to seek capital gains keeping the liquid phase. In Economy 4G3W it means webcashmatic results in cashkeeping mode.

Yes because the idea for the new economic practice is to give folks the ability to shift from "investment" into mix with "datevaluation". By individual constitution of Personalized-Webliving-Savings, which are reserves that work in web smart pipes.

That web financial pipes are a #googledepending matter is no more a secret. So #USAdmnistration and Google do not have time to insufficient developments.

At Davos even #anapatbotin and #deguindos are feeling the thing.


Language is not universocial voice

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Anglo-saxon presentation

Linking money-to-money is an expression which pretends to be more popular than "money datevaluation practice" more similar as "consumption practice", "savings practice" or "investment practice" that 3 limited practice used nowadays to make economic results and the limited results of the Classic Economy in what we live till now.

Both or by separate it have been choosed by the Author to mean the new economic practice proposed as the first investment's substitute.

So datevaluation is presented to be for public use. Now it is #Googledepending for infrastructure needs and #Obamadepending for regulations needs.

Giving people the opportunity to reach capital gains riskless.

Then, the enlargement and the upgrade of the Classic Economy, announces the arrival of the overcoming digital Economy 4G3W.
Introduction à la française

De nos jours, résoudre les étroites limites de notre Economie Classique est à la portée de l’Humanité.
La solution c’est de rendre publique  la practique (individuelle, libre et gratuite) de la Datevaluation de l’argent. Cela rends possible la recherche du Bien Etre Universocial créant l’Economie 4G3W, soit l’Economie Universocial au Comptant en dynamique Web.
L’Auteur en a fait un objectif de vie. Il cherche des collaborateurs tout en leur proposant le partage de la tranche de ses droits d’Auteur (Example de partage de droits d'Auteur) remise à son equipe “WUWteam4G3W”.


Capabilities coming up from utilities for wellbeing

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Internet of Things (IoT) is infused with instruments, interconnections and intelligent data and it's able for the treatment of all invented utilities for folks wellbeing  by personalized use of new capabilities. People have only to impulse with their personal dynamics IoT's systems to create and operate into real-time the results return of such utilities. #webcashmatic-basis.

It's understandable now that why the personalized-webliving-savings have to be the fundments for an universocial value creation throught the folks practice over a one-dactil-move-for-wellbeing.
Well, your personal webcashmotor will do that for you. For riskless. For free and for freedom. #cashkeeping. #keep-your-personal-bank-financial-power.


Utility first for People wellness

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Datevaluation as economic practice may be better than the investment economic practice, in order to purchase capital gains.

Before the proposed datevaluation practice, the economic agent looking for added value had to accept the separation of the cash phasis and the risk.

At the webSea sauce, moved by Internet, datevaluation appears with the nature of a better utility, because it gives folks the opportunity to make webcashmatic results riskless. Because the practice is going in cash phasis (#cashkeeping). 


How to produce webcashmatic results

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image from http://miriadna.com
To reveal the production process which enables the  webcashmatic generation in unlimited results, of cash capital gains, for universocial wellbeing performance and yours own, the Author and his @WUWteam4G3W, has been proposing a patchwork of elements following the idea that the discovery of an investment's substitute would interesse some big heads in technology (as might be Google and we create the hastag #googledepending) and some big heads on economics and politics for the admnistration of public powers (as might be US Admnistration and we create the hastag #obamadepending).

Well, we fall. People are too busy and the Big Heads are limited by their needs of fame.  An investment's substitute is at most a visionary mirage and a poisoned idea. It's nothing on the wave. And like less than Google Wave, we have to shut up.


Startup scripts for datevaluation launch

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May be you would be able to write the startup scripts for the launch of datevaluation skill which mixes the savings-investment's substitute modes, allowing the basis fund-mental of digital economics. If so, please move closer to the Author in Economie 4G3W.
In fact we are working hard in order to give folks a one-click-motor-for-savings and you are welcome for copyrights-sharing at WUWteam4G3W. The launch of the Gool-Savings-Impulsor may make the difference between Google, Microsoft and or others, then World's Regulators and or as the US President .

The reason for our commitment is that linking money-to-money practice is a cutting-edge mix of savings-investment modes, using the web for personalized economic performance and an automatic helper force allowing the constitution of the dynamic savings.


Money datevaluation walking on smarterplanet

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Yes because linking money economic practice is the investment's substitute in the near future.

 It's a question of full collaboration if you want. wuwteam4g3w@gmail.com


The right way the things as it are

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Yes because the true is a view point but things are as it reveal.

And it is not so new that a production cycle, mainly presents a form like :

Cash investment as experts prevision ;
Forwarding control ;
Production and treatment of it discontinuous jumps ;
Marketing and it capricious fashion  ;
Invoicing ;
Collection and it risks;
Cash return expected with some capital gains. Or loses, yes it may become a fact.

Well, that in classic economic forms in the Classical Economy.

But may it stay like this, in Economy 4G3W ?
No. Because the money datevaluation practice, changes the matter.

Indeed, following the idea of cash_sharing_cash, the production cycle presents a reduced form like :

Cash in personalized-webliving-savings ; 
Linked pipe with the Universocial_Sovereign _ Anchor for shared interest production ; 
Return of cash production with webcashmatic results for the datevalors-savers. 

Not so stupid. Dont you agree ? 

That's why linking money-to-money by datevaluation over One-click-motor-for-savings using an App like One-Click-Motor-for-Savings it's not a mirage.

Google and the US Admnistration can do it. For folks wellbeing.
It's the confortable future for you. It's the form of your helper-for-savings. As you need it.
Free. 100% free. 100% out, of any form of obligation.



You got interest rate # now let's get capital gains

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Yes. That is the economic upgrade skill, basis of Economy 4G3W. Datevaluation practice, or linking money-to-money practice, it means.

Because when you create Personalized-Webliving-Savings, you create one or more Owndated Webquantums (10€ each O.W.) which are registered properties.

The core of the datevaluation skill is that you shift each 10€ from the classical credit asset (able to purchase interest), into 1 asset of registered property at your name (able to purchase capital gains).
And, that financial property - each Owndated Webquantum at your webcashaccount - is a capital asset liable to be sold with bilateral requirement and endorsement of registration in favor of the new owner.
As the amount realized on the disposition exceeds your creation price, you make a capital gain. By webcashmatic result at the T.O.M. (Timestok Owned Market) where you sell the financial time contained in dynamic savings . Indeed, you sell your capacity of savings constitution on a past time.
Image : thehomeguru.com
The capital gain is the difference between the higher selling price and the lower and fixed 10€ parcel which you have to put for shifting by webcashmotor in the creation of each Owndated Webquantum.
Losses are eliminated because datevaluation is a cashkeeping economic practice. Because it is basicly an web helper-for-savings constitution. Because it's free to shift asset and to shift again.

This is the reason why datevaluation is the investment's substitute exclusive, and the fourth economic leg.
And it is also the reason why US Admnistration have to deal with Google for the technical structure able to support regulations for folks practice. W3C's agreement is contained.


Get capital gains from dynamic savings and go up more and more.

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Yes. When you think to better perform your economic action, you have to decide it and kick off, first of all. Then look around. In internet environment. In landscape's of Apps, that guiding the human society to appropriate behaviors.
Require Google and Androïd to give folks such ongoing skills. Require USA Administration to frame predictibles regulations skills, for folks needs and wants.

Require both of them for a one-click-motor-for-savings. Delivered with your connected financial tool. Into Chrome, Nexus, or your future Gbrain-bio-internet communication under-skin.
Because you and your datevaluation actions, you are expecting Google infrastructure agreement and the legal environment to go safe and forever. For universocial wellbeing. And for you, because you decide like GOD.