About your registered digital savings

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Yes, we know. Financial phones or DoG-phones are free savings helpers depending on you.

 What is 1 Owndated Webquantum

 Registered digital savings
Because you are the originator of each digital object Owndated Webquantum recognized as 1 parcel of digital savings.

Because you prefer to keep your own bank-financial-power.


How to make digital-savings

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Let me use de form "HOW TO"

The constitution of classic savings is becoming more and more a bad option, because your saved amount + interest rate, dont cover inflation.
Now we are introducing datevaluation as a new economic practice to give folks the opportunity to make capital gains and multiplied webcashmatic results, by shifting the classic credit-bank asset onto an upgraded asset of Personalized-Webliving-Savings in registered properties (Owndated Webquantums). A few like you moove from bank to notary.


== Steps ==

# You have to fill the form at http://www.wuwcash.org . Use your real name, the same of your identity card.Then, after confirmation you receive from the wuwteam4g3w@gmail.com your reservation for the free delivery of your "Personal Webcashmotor Simulator".

## With your reservation, which is the confirmed sequencial number (ie : PWS0000001027) you own the right to receive your Personal Webcashmotor 4G3W for free.For free because at the wuwcash.org you nerver have to pay nothing. Because onto the Universocial Cash Economy, the upgraded Digital Economy 4G3W, all results are coming from your digital-savings in cashkeeping cells-production quantums and organized for webcashmatic results (all taxes payed under US Obamadepending regulations and all web-support-costs free under Googledepending structure).

### That is all. You can get for free, your helper for dinamic savings contitution. It is a one-click motor-for-savings.

== Tips ==

* Go to : What is the Universocial Cash Economy

== Warnings ==

* Think that digitalizing things, are things that you have to create. The project "Personal Webcashmotor 4G3W" is just an app proposed for the first Do-G-Phone. A projected smart-financial-phone giving folks a personal motor-for-savings .It makes you start to run onto Economy 4G3W. Have fun and upgrade your economic performance keeping your bank-financial-power, just for you.

== Sources and Citations ==
* https://sites.google.com/site/economie4g3w/webcashmoteur/home/la-naissance-de-l-economie-4g3w
** http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Maynard_Keynes




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The money datevaluation practice may be presented as the first economic practice which serves to substitute the investment practice, when the economic agent is looking to reach gains in added value for yielding wealth.
Datevaluation (linking money-to-money) is a new category of economic practice besides consumption, savings and investment which are the 3 practices for whole results in Classic Economy.
The datevaluation is a starter upgrade into Web wealth fields and using others personal communication motors to enlarge economic capabilities and giving the Economy 4G3W kick off (fourth economic gesture into the web W3C).

The practice of the money datevaluation is proposed to folks under personal registration for aquisition of the datevalors webjurisperson quality and for the free use of a webdevice the "Personal Webcashmotor 4G3W" which is delivered for free by The Webcash_Universocial_Web.
Webcashmotor, or Personal Webcashmotor, or Helper for Savings or Personal Motor-for-Savings is allways the same personal device to shift the credit asset of 10€uros of bank money into personalized parcels of dynamic saved value with the creation of Owndated Webquantums in registered asset of properties domaines.

It have to be the websoftdevice for the money datevaluation practice into Economy 4G3W. It may be reserved (1 for each person) and delivered by free dowload of the app Personal Webcashmotor Simulator at WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web.

The Personal Webcashmotor Simulator app  is the input or output mobile iconed program  for the creation of live-savings through a communication motor into the Selfmarked-WUW-Space on the Web W3C. 
Where each 1 OW is = 10 €uros shifted in 1 parcel of personalized-webliving-savings is accounted in your Personal Webcashaccount. 
Userers (datevalors) shift credit asset into property ownership asset . And all the running operations are in cashkkeping mode.


ECB and the illusion about rates control

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And if people prefer digital savings and ECB is not prepared to give folks that skill to make capital gains from their cash ?

And if savers prefer capital gains in front of false rewards on interest rate basis ?

And if folks prefer assume their personal bank-financial-power, using movil androïd app for multiplied results in cashkeeping mode ?

The monetary policy for the €uro area, have to be induced for a set of major counters generated into the Timestock_Owned_Market, (The T.O.M. 12 o'clock New York).
And that have to be a result of digital savings universocial stream.
Because the web foundations of investments are under datevaluation practice and savers' control.
Through their Personalized-Webliving-Savings with USAdmnistration, W3C and Google.
FilipeAlvesFerreira(27th May 1942)


Overcoming economy using smart devices

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How to overcome the Classic Economy ?

- by the adoption of the practice of money datevaluation into wider spaces.

How to launch such predictive process ?

- by promoting regulations and technical infrastucture ( US Admnistration + Google).

How to enable folks for better economic performances ?

- by giving people an App for the free creation of personal-digital-savings.

Author in Economy 4G3W


Digital savings impulsor is proposed as a #googledepending investment's substitute

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In order to give folks a personal savings-helper to insure each one getting better economic performances, we are inviting the Obama's and Google's smart curiosity for digital solutions and the launch of datevaluation practice.


Your-webcashaccount-4G3W is being build

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Accounting personalized-webliving-savings in webdynamic Economy 4G3W

We are working to accelerate progress, introducing our technological moonshot for the money datevaluation practice, enlarging the limited space of the Classic Economy giving folks a Personal Webcashmotor as your free digital-savings-creator.

It is for you. For free. Empowering you with digital tools using W3C dynamics resources for webcashmatic results.

The integration of the capabilities of your helper-for-savings in an easy linking money-to-money mode to get organized and full connected with The Webcash Universocial Web, all for good.

The job involves the conception of the webcashaccount, gathering the set of the most important counters values for your mobile control and the calculator of the timestock prime connected at the T.O.M. (Timestock-Owned-Market).
Because our technological moonshot is empowering you to deal the time accumulated in your digital savings.


Is Nest-Chrome a Google body-phone ?

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It's possible because webcashmotor-financial-phones are expected to give folks the helper facility for the creation of personalized-webliving-savings. 
Yes, linking money-to-money for much-more-money, using webdynamics to make capital gains. 
Rolling over cashkeeping phase, cash-sharing-cash. To make cash by phone. For you :


Linking money for webcashmatic results

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Edgar the storyteller, from edgartells.me gives me a good thing which I embed here for you :


Expecting Google to resolve world economics

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Yes because Google may be more efficient than the Davos' World Economic Forum :

1. Google has an universocial infrastructure screen connected with world mobile people ;
2. US Admnistration can trust on Google to implement digital savings for folks ;
3. Barak Obama may agree with the opportunity to enlarge economic spaces.

That's why the money datevaluation practice, linking money by the creation of personalized digital savings, 10€ each cell,  at an Universocial Sovereign Anchor of 1 trillion $US in FED's harbour for sharing a cash production, then to share cash results day after day with an earning time-price in webcashmatic function, has to overcome all  personal savings motivation. For you, for me and for universocial wellbeing.


Expecting Google as the pioneer launcher of financial phones

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Google have to cut, the "personal-savings-helper" from the use of Microsoft, Apple and others boys, in face at the opportunity of the advantage of the money datevaluation it means the launch of the phone for linking money giving people the ability for the creation of personalized-digital-savings.

Yes because it is the future. The introduction of the datevaluation practice is the singular process to make agreement between FED and GOOGLE for the enlargement of the economic space where people have to make economic action for wellbeing.

And if Google can supply the infrastructure to run all personalized economic actions, Obama have to see safety of people in universocial wellbeing and the US Admnistration  have to supply the regulations.

Then we can go by 10€ parcels, linking money  at the "One trillion" Universocial-Sovereign-Anchor, sharings little cells of cash production, for much-more-money in daily cash results. At 12:00 New-York local time, at the TOM (Timestock-Owndated-Market), results and time-market. Because it's time to deal time. When you are able to save money, first than me.

Is Google so sleepy to let do another pioneer win the lauch of the financial-phones ? No it is not.


Create your own dynamic savings

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Yes because digital savings are the future for folks universocial wellbeing.

Slideshows, free image Hosting make your own slideshow view all photos


Using webdynamics to help personal savings constitution

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The idea of linking litle parcels (10€ each or US$ 10 for example) of money at a big 1 trillion money anchor (Universocial-Sovereign-Anchor)is going for the target of the use of webdynamics forces to help each person on the difficult process of savings constitution.

That is the reason why we are proposing the arragement of a Google versus US Admnistration agreement to give folks a free motor-for-savings running on the web under WWW3C standards.

So the "webdynamics-helper-for-personal-savings" is a botcash for your personal use into Economy 4G3W. Because you need to get better economic performance and for wellness.


Linking digital finance folks capacity

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Have a looh at "How the economic machine works". This is going before the datevaluation concept with it "helper-for-savings".

From here by Ray Dalio, we have to upgrade introducing the money datevaluation practice in order to shift financial pumps getting Personalized-Webliving-Savings enlarging personalized economic spaces and creating the @web-time-counter in order to apply in folks dynamic-savings. 

The proposed Economy 4G3W, linking money-to-money and cooked with Gool-Bama-Cash financial recipe, enables the personal-time-money relation and you will be able to deal the timestock of yours parcels of digital savings.

That's why we propose to enlarge the economic space giving folks a personal-motor-for-savings-constitution.

 Universocial Cash Economy

Owndated Webquantum is the name of The financial product which you need in order to keep the 5/5 control of your cash. Because your cashkeeping mode just share production and results. It's your digital finance capacity.


The creation of dynamic products as your wealth source

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In Classic Economy basis, we are in the dependence of the investment's alias, for added value process going on to wealth .

In Digital Economy 4G3W, we propose the adition of the datevaluation practice, for definition of added value security, by the creation of dynamic cells production which resolves a personal wealth resource.

Datevaluation or linking money-to-money is proposed in a Googledepending/Obamadepending protocol giving folks a web-cash-ability. In cashkeeping mode, for personal webcashmatic results.

The thing remains simple because the economic upgrade, is an enlargement from 3 for 4 options for folks guiding money. It means that people not has to stay limited on the classic 3 fields of consumation/savings/investment, because with internet use and the creation of dynamic products allows the opportunity of an economic change from 3 into 4 stability legs. Making with 3 degrees or with 4 degrees of liberty, operating on 3 spaces or upgrading on 4 spaces.

As you see, the creation of dynamic products in digital economy is for your wellbeing in financial security.

Licencia de Creative Commons
Proposant le démarrage de l'Economie 4G3W by datevaluation practice is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial 3.0 Unported License.
Creado a partir de la obra en https://sites.google.com/site/economie4g3w/.


Your savings in web cash are easy to get

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Day after day when you feel strong cash multiplication factors we think about a savings action, to increase our wellbeing. 
Yes because, when you scent that your cash is running juste to gain web dynamic functions, in order to make webcashmatic results presented every day at 12:00 (New York local time), sometimes in multiplied cash results and always in accumulated plus values, then you will be pushed to make savings action.

Yes because,linking money-to-money or date valuation action,is not so different of a smart charge for your G-Nexus, but another Androïd's App like an one-click motor-for-savings in Gool-Bama-Cash mode. US Admnistration, has to promote an agreement between W3C, Google and FED opening people acces to make smart-savings directly in US Central Bank, switching capital pumps, from folks-commercial banks-FED into folks-FED-commercial banks.

Yes because I prefer my smart cash plugged into the WWW-Google-FED. Yes because so it becames in dynamic-cash-production with cash with absolute security for my smart-cash-results. And you, what you think about this investment's substitute ? In absolute free cashkeeping conditions for you, for me and for everybody.


Linking money is an operation that makes, don't takes

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Yes because datevaluation practice by linking money-to-money for much-more-money is the source of Personalized-Webliving-Savings which are your parcel by parcel creation for the production of webcashmatic results in cashkeeping mode.

So your datevaluation or linking money practice is an independent process where you make, you don't take. It means - you go head and you make to upgrade your economic results_versus_ you follow the classic options and you take more or less results.

It may means that you go mobile with Android App Webcashmotor_versus_you seat and you take your classic phone without specific application.


Why datevaluation is a personal wealth source

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Get your free webcashmotor and open it menu on your own webca... on Twitpic Because it increases your power to make capital gains, keeping your cash in web living. Building on the momentum even you keep cash.

Even when each parcel of your digital money (Owndated Webquantum) is running as a 10€ production cell in order to share multiplied cash results at 12 o'clock New York time. At the T.O.M. (The Timestock Owned Market), under googledepending techs and under obamadepending regulatory conditions.

Think about for your universocial wellbeing. You need, I need and folks need a one-click-motor-for-savings. Your Personal Webcashmotor for free datevaluation starting in digital Economy 4G3W. So ask Google and President Barak H. Obama.


What is the Digital thing "Owndated Webquantum"

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Please use the presentation in french at Economie 4G3W

Cash put in "Owndated Webquantums" 4G3W

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Please look at the concept of "Owndated Webquantum" expressed in french for the digital Economie 4G3W.

When you upgrade from the Classic Economy to Internet Economy 4G3W, you have to create at less 1 "Owndated Webquantum" which is a digital object used to make your money-to-money link.

So by your Personal Webcashmotor you have to CashPut 10€uros for your datevaluation action with the creation of each of yours "Owndated Webquantums".


Link your Economic Upgrade Balance

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Link your Economic Upgrade Balance pheedloop.com/filipe27_01032014

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google-site-verification: googleb9b86ecddb719261.html

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Awesome beyond after linking money

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When your desagree have to make melt the Bailout Iceberg, the only practice that you may apply to resolve, is linking money at the Universocial Cash Anchor.

Because each time you create 1 more Personalized Webliving Savings to perform your personal economic performance, you are linking money directly to Central Banks giving them tagvaporated orders for the use of your capital.

Such dynamic cells of personalized capital sets, keep growing and moving with making the barrier in protection of wellbeing targets.


Lights for linking money-to-money results

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Economist Debates around Euro Bonds or Debt Mutualisation. 

Debt mutualisation is not a recipe to resolve debt. 
We have to make simple :

1. Our Classic Economy give 3 kinds of results for the total result of the three economic practices :
Sum Results of Consumption actions   Results of Savings actions   Results of investment actions = Sum of all 3 = Economic crises

2. Because we need an enlarged economic space giving folks the opportunity for wealth creation.

3. Yes because at the moment folks are not motivated for savings (bad deal), folks are not able to invest (no expert requirements), then folks are forced into consumption acts.

Even with debt mutualisation, with "euro bonds" or others financial junks, Classic Economy would not break its limits above.

Then vote results is another game unable to construct.

To go head, we need an investment substitute. Giving folks the opportunity of capital gains in "cashkeeping mode". It means folks have to be able to create "personalized-webliving-savings". Shifting from credit/debt, classic mechanics asset. Into web registered property asset. By date valuation (datevaluation practice) of their money. Give them a one-click motor-for-savings.

Giving us an upgraded economy adding datevaluation results.
Using the web and mobile devices. I mean Economy 4G3W.

Have a look at Obamadepending versus Googledepending protocols. Yes, Gool-Bama-Cash is the better financial recipe to resolve on-line. Just linking money-to-money for much-more-money.


More economic space = Best performance

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How can you enlarge your economic space to make best results, upgrading from classics into Economy 4G3W.

Linking money-to-money is just a datevaluation action in webspace.

In  Gool-Bama-Cash apps for universocial solution.


Plug in linked money plots

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Welcome to this information about the  new economic practice allowing you to make capital gains ​​without going through the investment taking imposed risk by Classical Economics.
The thing is happening on the Internet and is freely available for unrestricted use. For the practice of datevaluation you'll have to get your personal webcashmotor for linking 10€ parcels at the U_S_A (the Universocial Sovereign Anchor). 
You will get priority for delivery of this tool shaped Icon on your screen as soon as possible and absolutely free.
In Economics 4G3W, you'll never pay anything. You will have read a little. Do not be frightened by words or technical. Soon all you have to do is plug in plots of 10 € uros mode 4G3W: money-to-money for much-more-money Economy Into 4G3W.


Such-Stranger-4G3W-Financial-Life: Creating Financial Life

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Such-Stranger-4G3W-Financial-Life: Creating Financial Life: Going on with the launch of the money datevaluation practice to upgrade the Classic Economy into 4G3W on the web and folks comunication mot...


Shift asset for cashkeeping mode

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Because the investment's substitute is the cash.

                                                                 Get your free webcashmotor and open it menu on your own webca... on Twitpic

And  you prefer cash. And better if you make capital gains keeping it.

With cashkeeping mode you get a cash fountain for free. Just linking money at U_S_A the Universocial Sovereign Anchor. Depending of Google financial structure support, then depending of President Obama and US Admnistration.


Solve for X: Adrien Treuille on collaborative science - YouTube

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Linking money by Mousephone 4G3W

Solve for X: Adrien Treuille on collaborative science - YouTube:

'via Blog this'


To make enough, just create your web living savings

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Yes because datevaluation by linking money action is more than an investment's substitute.

Yes because when you link money-to-money you get much-more-money and cash results day after day at 12h New York local time.

Yes because it's time to deal time. Yes melt your time in your savings, and sell your capacity to make that.