Your money can spare web cash matic ?

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Yes. Onto Economy 4G3W using your personal webcashmotor. Ask Google and Donald Trump.
Google renamed Google Enterprise to Google for Work in 2014. It includes the Google Cloud Platform, which lets companies pay by the minute for essentially unlimited supercomputing power.


When you look for infinite results in cash

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You have to begin and take in your hands the command of your financial power.
Resultado de imagen de your hands the command of your financial power
Then you have to find a source of infinite results reverted in cash phasis.
Resultado de imagen de cash mountain
Now you have to control to act in the legal framework.

Now you need internet safety resources
Resultado de imagen de internet safety resources like google
Finally you do apply because datevaluation practice is for folks and for you too.

Your Do_G_Phone by 10€_for_ millions


Dynamic savings effect onto Internet of Things

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Dynamic savings are digital objects you create when you make the datevaluation action of some parcels of your money. Shifting the asset from the classic accounting credit/debit, going into the ownership asset of registered properties proposed by the enlarged Economy 4G3W.

Resultado de imagen de digital object money identifier

These objects from folks creation are accounted and prepared to be followed and tagvaporated (the singular parcel's money genetic description) into the IoT. Things of folks economic lives under USAdmnistration control. Things which have to be treated by Google-FED protocol for the launch of the Economy 4G3W.

That's why their interaction with the world and the mass adoption of IoT devices push for big numbers, #quadrilliones at less.


Google able to opens the border of your money

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Resultado de imagen de webcashmatic datevalors property

Accelerant for #quadrillions dollars business, Google just have to protocolate (with USAdmnistration) and launch the Economy 4G3W, a new financial Era.

It means to give folks the opportunity of a new economic practice. Because the money datevaluation is an investment's substitute, giving webcashmatic results out of risk.

Launching an economic world dressed with 4 free choices for your money target :

If you like consumption for live : spend your money
If you like increase safety : save your money
If you like production factors challenge  : do invest your money
If you like capital gains by IoT : shift the asset of your money

Yes because you may use Internet to create digital objects. Computing timestamping on your money parcels and creating "owndated webquantums" in registered property asset. Blockchain or better, #googledepending of course.

Then the border of your money is opens for unlimited results. By the way Google works with the Humanity.


What if your cash was

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First of all and working as an #investment's substitute, it were:
Maintained in cash for ever, #cashkeeping ;
however it were at the same time :
Connected for ever being at your instant-free-disposal, #my cash-is-going-cash ;
And it were registered #blockchain as your creation being at the same time :
An inexhaustible and personal source of added value, #capital gains ;
and then a powerfull #psychological lifter, because :
A personal power to acess at multiplied cash results every 24 hours, 365/365 ; #savings helper
creation giving birth friendly with your-cash-robot-natural-homus ; #give-birth-your-cash-robot
A webcashmatic generator to upgrade from the Classic Economy into Economy 4G3W.

Resultado de imagen de blockchain


Why Google is able to jump on to quadrillions business space ?

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Resultado de imagen de quadrillions

The launch of datevaluation practice is giving to folks the opportunity of the creation of digital objects - owndated webquantums - each of them being singular financial digital cells.
So the reason for Google's business upgrade is obvious.
Because each financial cell, have to be searcheable in order to serve needs and wants http://www.periscopic.com/news/exploring-innovation-signatures-in-patent-data 
at the Timestock-Owndated-Market.
People are waiting the G-Financial-Phone for datevaluation and it make quadrillions :


What is the most promising pregnant cow ?

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Apple's cow

In tech products for folks, I mean. 

Apple's ones, or Google's ones ?
Well Google's cow babies contain folks practicality. So, Alphabet Inc. may be more appropriate to launch a one-click-option for folks cash needs. Yes to resolve human needs and wants.

Near by human nature.

And long life for your own cashmatic cow
Thinking about and datevaluation for Economy 4G3W:


Why Silicon's big heads dont find infinite production ?

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Because an infinite production is not a smart target for researches.
And there is an economic credo that let's go the classic teorema ..."for more production, injecte more investment"... .

How would be a Google's Finantial Phone for cash-sharing-cash practices ?
(Lo que es para Google, darle a la gente la capacidad de la valoración de la fecha en practiques numeriques ?


Who as to make the upgrade of the Classic Economy ?

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Donald Trump & Google. Yes, Alphabet-Google & USAdmnistration-President DTrump .
Because datevaluation is the biggest potential for folks extration of infinit wealth.
And Trump^Google can enlarge the Classic Economy by giving to the people the opportunity of the money datevaluation as the investment's substitute able to produce webcashmatic results for each person.

So the question is :
May the President Trump give folks a one-click-motor-for-savings ?