President Trump injects optimism at Davos 2020

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The fresh air breathed into the Davos environment this 21st of January 2020 makes us suspect that Donald Trump understood and envisions the infinite improvements in the economic life of people with the launch of the 4G3W Economy in the communication engines and in the Internet space.

For this reason, as the creator of the theory and as a tester in the Market of the benefits of money datevaluation as a fourth economic practice capable of producing capital gains in liquid phase and of being able to constitute a solid base as a folks digital alternative to the investment practice, I am grateful for the window open to the future that the President expressed in a clean sprout mode.

As the launch of the 4G3W Economy depends primarily on Google / Alphabet and it protocol with the United States Administration, I launch the challenge to start the first rehearsals of the Google S $ S platform to be presented here at DAVOS 2021.


Investment substitute challenge

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The investment may consist of the purchase of an asset or means of production by the economic agent called the investor.

The biggest investment problem is the risk of loss that the asset contains.

Because the investment product, it means the asset, does not contain the liquidity used by the investor when buying the considered means of production.

For folks the investment process means the separation of the cash till the liquidation. Expectation of a benefit is the motivation to take the risk of loss. 

Hence it was necessary to find an investment's substitute and the thing comes as the money datevaluation practice.

Datevaluation consists of the owner creation of a registered singular asset on the web space in order to get a benefit from it dynamics condition f or the exploitation of a smart contract.

The first and biggest datevaluation advantage is the "cashkeeping phase" insured to the creator by his right to reverse datevaluation at any moment returning at initial conditions.

The seconde and so big datevaluation advantage is the "money multiplying capacity" by his right to share production on cash results attribution every 24 hours.

The third and miracolous datevaluation advantage is the seniority of the registered singulars assets moneyable by endorsement in a time contained market of personalized digital-savings.

The fourth and the most useful datevaluation advantge is the personal performance on savings constitution impulsed by the ever-win smart condition, the all in modes web-cash-matic y web-tax-matic.


Incorporate the time in each of yours savings action

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And let's jump on Economy 4G3W : adding the complementar economic gesture of the money datevaluation as an investment's substitute. As Davos would like to achieve before Google S$S.

For you it means the freedom to get ability to create digital savings when you are able to make savings.

Yes because until now, savings was a free modus operandis for the constituion of a reserve. The problem for our outdated economy was (and is even today) the sterility condition of the saved money .
This sterility condition is solved by datevaluation when you create digital savings. When using your registered rights throught WUW The Webcash Universocial Web to personalise your economic action for digital savings creation.
The Webcash is an Universocial web working a general public registration ledger for nominative and date stamping for your legitimation on the free use of it authoring of the money datevaluation on internet dynamics.
With your legitimation, you can upload your Personal Savings Helper near by Google Play. Then and keeping your total freedom you are able to create digital savings provided with all free services (Google S$S dynamic-savings-platform) / [FED-USAdmnistration cash-sharing-cash production] / *T.O.M. owned-time-market.

Because with that you create savings with the inbodied date with a time-counter from the constitution moment of your dynamic savings.
Mechanic web to give the capacitor-accumulator for :
- savings with the ability to multiply money without gambling ;
- savings with the ability to produce capital gains ;
- savings with the ability to auto-generate motivation to perform more and more.



Google Cloud Support helping for Google S

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Considerating how vital it is for the launch of the money datevaluation practice is to use Google Cloud Platform for the only enhancement of Classical Economy now in disponibility y that can give people a substitute for investment to drive them to take advantage of the new economic space 4G3W able for produce conditions for extracting infinite wealth in personalized modus.
Now for you Georgi, please :

I can't get to the root of my digitalsavings.info domain, which for me has become an important domain as I expose and think about developing the core of my economic theory of the fourth gesture of "the money datevaluation" to add to the ability to free economic action, as a substitute for investment but without the risk of it.

I ask for your help in the following guidance:

From my blog "linkingmoney4g3w.blogspot.com" is derived from progressing my use of Google Suite implying digitalsavings.info and hence trying to take advantage of Google Cloud Platform to promote the creation of "Google Cloud Money Platform" = Google S by future Alphabet-Google agreement with USA Admnistration.

I am a non-technical author and I am over 77 years old. And then ?
The use of the internet and GoogleCloudPlatform is essential for the launching and operation of the practice of datevaluation of the money (shifting it in personalized digital savings anchored at the FED) that will bring welfare so far disturbed by the contradiction of the three economic gestures (consumption, savings and investment) that make up the possibility of action. thus limited in classical economics.

Now as I begin to understand what GCP is, I will be progressing to explain myself above all to Google. Because I would like to motivate Google to implement what I created and tested in the market for over 35 years before. Before the Internet and before Google.

Finally you would find a way to help me in this technical deck I'm in and almost paralyzed.

Thank you very much in advance,
Best regards,
Filipe AlvesFerreira (27.05.1942)


Davos 2020, human guts and famous people

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Once again the WEF meeting in Davos on the next 21-25 of this January 2020 will address issues related to the World Economy, without considering the human guts that generates the sensitive motivation for economic development.

The people assembled in this forum seem to want to continue to disregard or disregard the discovery of the investment substitute as a resolute means of achieving liquid-phase capital gains in a risk-free practice.

And for this reason they cannot provide solutions to the economic problems contained in a Classical Economy limited to the three practices of consumption, saving and investment.
 Economy 4G3W
It would be time for them to concur with the launch of the new practice of money datevaluation to widen the still virgin economic space and from where people can extract infinite wealth to solve all their needs and desires.
(Ask Google Cloud Platform and understand what are #digital savings to @solveforx).
The WEF has to consider definitive economic solutions without continuing to chew an already unflavored chewing gum just scented momentarily (days 21-25) by the presence of famous people.


Google S Money Platform promotes disinfection on the Economy

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Yes because the launch of the money datevaluation as an investment substitute is able to delivery to :

-Monetary Authorities the conditions to fix the interest rate forever ;
-Folks the conditions to make capital gains over digital savings ;
-Nations the conditions to pay their debt ;
-Humanity the conditions to get peace.
 Economic disinfection
The activity of people using datevaluation to constitute personalized digital savings to be able to earn millions of US$ in 24 hours if they are lucky or lucky in any case they can make capital gains and find the strength to save more and more. That investment replacement activity adquate for non-specialists such as the street people, this will lead to the formation of a stream of money running with increasing flow to the Fed to produce 2% / 365 cash result at the Universocial Sovereign Anchor every 24 hours.

The Fed will serve commercial banks at a fixed price with the Google S' conducted money river. Because it is advisable in the 21st Century Enhanced Economy that the interest rate be fixed forever. The commitments on colossal investments that humanity required, require to protect investror's compliance, that the interest rate be fixed. A calculable cost to protect good conditions of very big futur investments.

People accept nominal money and for that reason also, folks make digital savings with Google S service and WUW smart contracting ie with a web-based guarantee of online cash maintenance in webcashmatic mode for online results and webtaxmatic mode to guarantee individual freedom. And the results are cash. And they multiply or if not, earn little by little, but always upwards.


I share copyrights against collaboration

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I'm happy with Google Cloud Platform and I'm Welcome to App Engine.
The problem is that I'm 77 and I'm not able to work with GCP/App Engine and so on.
If you are an interest expert, I'll share my copyrights with Agreed Collaborators.

The turnip do explains negative ECB interest 

Yes, because the shape of this vegetable and the lingering vices in certain individuals make it possible to explain that. 
 ECB negative interest rates
Because in fact the investment is dependent on the interest rate for its feasibility. But with negative interest rates the investor could conduct investments, receiving money as a premium for the use of other people's capital: that is, let's go and get started. 

Evil is the turnip

Because once you get the asshole to invest with premium, you have to take the pressure even if the turnip grows with sudden market reversals and unexpected interest rate hikes. 

Hence the solution of stability ensured by the launch of the money datevaluation in a 4G3W Economy is preferable to the waltz of interest rate in classical FED policy, and far more preferable to the dangerous ECB negative interest experiments. 

Less badly than Google S Money Platform is coming to the Davos Summit 2020. To enable the construction of a new era in world finance.

That's why Google S promotes disinfection on the Economy for the Folks Universocial Wellbeing creation.


Acting on 3 and 5 and without 7, I arrived and already got "Welcome to App Engine".

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It was 18:15 local time in Pontevedra, Spain, when I first saw it on my "Welcome to App Engine" screen and was working using Google Suite with digitalsavings.info in my fight (started on Wednesday 13.10.1982) for the launch of the money datevaluation to the free use of people all to let start the 4G3W Economy in a broad economic space with the new practice.
 Google Cloud Platform

Thanks Google / Alphabet.

Going forward, progress will be greatly facilitated by my understanding of what an application built with Google App Engine is on the Google Cloud Platform. Because the Classic Economy is outdated.
 Getting started
Everything behind and on my blog "linkingmoney4g3w.blogspot.com", since my first post here on "Linking money by Mousephone 4G3W" and that followed my previous blog Santa Clara Mousephone 4G3W (today only retouched in images and with comments received from the died Steve Jobs or some jesting that he put on), everything will be fulfilled if I have health and life.
 Economie 4G3W
Because I acquired tech independence today to be able to do it, with my team or without it. (See here for my future publication regarding the formation of my "Open Team for Economy 4G3W" and the policy I propose on sharing my copyright.

Thank you Google Cloud Platform. The world will see Money Cloud Platform born, which means the give birth The Webcash Universocial Web to give people 1 "one-click-engine-for-savings".

Thanks Google and I hug you with a heart full of joy. It is a pity that I cannot share on continuity hapiness with my dear Clara do Mar, who died on 3 May 2018.

Yes :
13 october 1982
There are Architects on our Google Earth.


How much is freedom worth ?

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 Peace and freedom
My enthusiasm for GCP's service leads me to tell you part of my 1st conscious contact with this platform that I have so often invoked without quite knowing what it is.
First of all I tell you: it is a wonder for anyone who can use this GCP if they have a project they want to implement.
Yesterday, I made some first steps. I know my project will be driven by this service . And my readers already know that my project is to launch the datalorisation of money as the fourth economic practice to increase each person's performance in an enlarged and infinite wealth economy.

My project is called from the beginning:

Linking-money-to-money by Mousephone 4G3W

Now, after many years, I will be able to shed light on the world in terms of economic enlargement. To allow each person (natural or legal) access to the extraction of infinite wealth that the datalorization of money will allow at no cost.

What is the busilis of the matter?
Incorporate time into money.
my first digital savings
When and how much of your money do you datevaluate creating digital savings ?

What is the only drawback?
The practice is nominative. You cannot act without registering your request in your real name and receive your registration code on WUW The Webcash Universocial Web, in order to download the 2 apps on Google Play (Simulator to try and Savings Helper to go in freedom) . The all is free and stay free, forever.

Because by creating digital savings (that's what it's all about) you can multiply money and within 24 hours you can become fortunate millionaire over any of your digital properties and this leads to the need to prove your true identity for WUW and Google S Money Cloud Identity.
On the other hand, taxes will have to be paid in webtaxmatic mode to preserve your freedom and feed the states occupied in the creation of the universocial welfare. And that also requires your name as the author of your datevaluation economic action and consequent taxpayer person beneficiary.
 People of all races, colors and nacionalities


[Usa-China]-making together future to work

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China, Europe, Russia and other countries are making efforts to reduce the importance of the US $ and are seeking redress they think either by returning to the gold standard or by launching new crypto coins with various variants.

United States of America and Google S has the best option to make the future to work forever.

Datevaluation is overcoming upgrade the Economy giving folks the ability to extract infinite wealth in a new virgin space.
And that doesn't involve any revolution, just evolution to a better future.

Led by which country or region?

It doesn't matter because everyone knows that the best is universocial collaboration. No matter, races or colors. Peace for everybody and better individual performances up to solve needs and wants.


Capital gains are better than earning interest

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That is why digital savings are remunerated with capital gains and with multiplicative capacity instead of the outdated interest remuneration.

To achieve this advantage offered in the 4G3W Economy you must get used to creating digital savings objects instead of making interest bearing deposits.

And creating digital savings gives you a multiplying capacity that can be realized in US$ million each day at 12:00 pm New York time at The Time Market T.O.M. where you can trade digital savings against capital gains.


The ability to get rich

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Achieving the ability to get rich drives the purchase of means of production in a more or less risky, more or less surprising investment process.

Often the ability to get rich drives creation. And creation can be born of an idea. You can write and give content that interests third parties. It is the offering of a text that causes a reading appetite. This can produce a transaction and give rise to an economic process.

The production of intangible goods is often simple copyright. And when intangible goods are digital, those goods are unique creations initially owned by the creator.

In money matters, creating your own digital objects to gain the ability to enrich for sure can now be done by practicing of the money datevaluation.

So "datevaluation" is not an investment because it produces the ability to enrich without risk of loss.

The creators of digital objects "Owndated Webquantums"
they give birth at objects with undefined lifes using tools and assembling materials and good wills, all adapted to the unique birth of every "Owndated Webquantum" whose life is willing to produce risk-free enrichment.

This fourth economic practice, which fundamentally merges capital with the time of the registration of a digital birth in the name of a creative economic agent, constitutes the introduction of an unknown human ease of life to this day.

It is an element of superiority that while willing to use for anyone, will once again distinguish America First simply because in America there are the ingredients for launch.
But America just goes and goes on ahead to give the world freedom protections. Then each one does what they want. In China too.


[USA+CHINA] together in a virgin economical space

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Yes, because an economy limited to 3 ways to money does not provide the same wealth extraction as an improved economy with 4 ways to solve needs and wants.

And China and the other nations do not have the means to launch the 4G3W Economy at any time, as USA can do.

And the USA does not use in its sole favor knowledge and power to take advantage against A, B, or C. Reason why everything goes in a universocial sharing. Please put it on your faith too.


Go further in money matters

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I create digital savings by webcashmotor 4G3W
Because my cash produces to share results

It’s simple to input time on money
My smart phone records timestamp for me

My digital savings births over smart contract
    Google S takes it to share cash every day

   At Universocial Sovereign Anchor cash production spurts
   For you cash results may be multiplied

   My first digital savings at America with Google S
   Neither China can do better than me


Google's ability to capture world digital savings

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People's economic preference for the liquid phase of the money and for the intensive use of Google's technical framework and Cloud PaaS's ability to pump money in the form of a digital financial burden into the Universocial Sovereign Anchor for cash production, has fostered a business of a quadrillion of US dollars (1000 trillions of US$), within the reach of the Google S money cloud platform to solve people's needs and wants by making the world go better.

Indeed, the takeover option offered by WUW The Webcash Universocial Web to tandem (Google / Alphabet Inc.-USAdmin) should lead to launch the money datevaluation as an economic practice to assist in the formation of capital currents and money rivers capable of satisfying the investment needs in the great achievements of the near future.

And there are no solutions proposed to our leaders, neither in Russia, nor in Europe, not in India, not in Japan, not in the Middle East-Gulf-Arabia, not in China, nor anywhere except Mountain View and New York. Look at all "Davos Summits".

Either it is the money pumps with personalized humain energy, or the circulation of capital remains outdated and the instrumentation of dealing with the universal problems has to return to the use of customs duties and other more or less rustic and less effective exercises in the face of the scale of our days problems.

Who has shame of a US tandem solution ?
Who fears Google S - Donald Trump-US Congress set the new economic pumps ?
Does Google S pose a risk in its work standards ?
Is USA tired of defending the freedom of humanity ?


Even if the Fed has made all of the wrong moves, for datevaluation launch, U.S. with The Fed included is "easy pickens" for good.

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The notion of opportunity has to make its way within the triple convergence [Google / Alphabet + Donald Trump + The Fed] to crystallize the reality of an America First.

Because it is not enough to create, reinstate or increase customs duties. Nor is it enough, puting down the interest rate.

Because in China it is not enough to impose social self-denial on us either. Nor is it enough subsidizing state-owned companies.

Because here or there, everything resides in the solution of Penrose's triangle in favor of people, whether they are from here or here:

- If they spend, they do not save or invest;
- If they save, they do not invest or spend;
- If they invest, they do not spend or save.

The practices that make up Classical Economics, consumption, savings, investment, are contradictory between them, and whatever the choice of economic agent, always resents bad taste. Because making a decision requires you to do without taking the other two. Because who has never tasted the bad taste or even the bitter taste in choosing an option?

Who has never regretted spending?
Who has never regretted saving?
Who has never regretted investing?

And in Classical Economics one cannot go back and restart the choice.

The #cashkeeping phase of the 4G3W Economy solves the problem. Because it works in web-cash phase. It is about adding an option for people to choose the economic action that best suits them at any given time:

Or make a gesture of consumption to satisfy yourself;
Or make a saving gesture to defend yourself;
Or make an investment gesture to reproduce yourself;
Or you make a gesture of datevaluation to solve everything at once.

And all this goes like Alphabet / Google, Donald Trump and Fed. Yes, there is perfect convergence because [Google / Alphabet + Donald Trump + The Fed] is 5/5 in agreement.

Because with Google S PaaS comes first to #quadrillion business, to promote investment banking financing for the very big 21st century projects;
Because with Universocial Sovereign Anchor endowed with $ 1 trillion Donald Trump comes first to solve the $ 22,5 trillion debt;
Because by accepting the "webtaxmatic" direct at the US Treasury, the Fed fixes the interest rate forever.

And China, the EU, India, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Norway and everyone, all what?

They are happy because all peoples are happy.

And only America First may launch "datevaluation" the investment's substitute.

But after all, don't you say that WUW The Webcash records who wants to make a river of money to pour into the Fed? And so are you going to suck digital savings reserves all the way to the US?

Hey, ohh, neither [Google / Alphabet + Donald Trump + The Fed] would accept it if it wasn't for creating and redistributing WELL-BEING #universocial .

Don't push your President.


Great work for Google S Money Cloud Platform PaaS

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The activity of people using datevaluation to constitute personalized digital savings to be able to earn millions of US$ in 24 hours if they are lucky or lucky in any case they can make capital gains and find the strength to save more and more. That investment replacement activity adquate for non-specialists such as the street people, this will lead to the formation of a stream of money running with increasing flow to the Fed to produce 2% / 365 cash result at the Universocial Sovereign Anchor every 24 hours.

The Fed will serve commercial banks at a fixed price with the Google S' conducted money river. Because it is advisable in the 21st Century Enhanced Economy that the interest rate be fixed forever. The commitments on colossal investments that humanity required, require to protect investror's compliance, that the interest rate be fixed. A calculable cost to protect good conditions of very big futur investments.

People accept nominal money and for that reason also, folks make digital savings with Google S service and WUW smart contracting ie with a web-based guarantee of online cash maintenance in webcashmatic mode for online results and webtaxmatic mode to guarantee individual freedom. And the results are cash. And they multiply or if not, earn little by little, but always upwards.


The guts of the Economy (As Donald Trump feels more than knows)

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In our days trying to find a way to produce and exploit wealth means working in an economic space.

This in turn is linked with a series of parameters that we work more or less intuitive, more or less consciously, more or less deliberatly, more or less anxiously. And we do an economic mix, to strugle for happy life.

It turns out that the Classical Economy, although faced with new challenges by presenting opportunities that are emerging for the work of extracting wealth to return Welfare to Humanity, happens to be an Economy limited to 3 practices to solve. And with gestures of consumption, savings and investment we should solve everything.

And it is not possible. Because our outdated Economy don't treat the time as a value on each singular moment of each human economic actions.

Today we have again outlined the vision of a new economic space, broadened by the practice of datevaluation of money that allows people to complement the personal-economic mix in the search for self-satisfaction of needs and desires with their own and intimately personalized dynamics.
 Communication needs

 Enlargement of the economic space



Does Bitcoins etc, Facebook Calibra project etc, had similarities with digital savings ? What are the main differences to exclude confusions ?

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I lay eggs for breakfast mountain view in fecondity

Now :

Owndated Webquantum is a digital asset created and personalized by the personal economic action of an app user (Personal Saving Helper) allowing the money datevaluation by shifting 1 asset of US$10,- /on 1 OW registered property asset , on 1 personalized web space working by internet with intention to share an organized production of interest-as-a-good, in order to get the right to share the cash results of the production each 24 hours term the all on basis of a smart contract proposed by the organization "WUW The Webcash Universocial Web" and whose smart contract is triggered by the registered inscription of the user identity (personal quality to act) on a general ledger with an indissociable registration and time date activities register (Typ UnixTimeStamping).

Owndated Webquantum is a digital asset property designed to work as a medium to share, on an organized and centralized cash production with the intention to share the cash results applied every 24 hours at an organized market exchange of the seniority of time contained and running into the digital object OW from it creation date, until the date of exchange with another app user and to take advantage of the rights enshrined in the smart contract to deal capital gains at the predictible time market for digital objects with equals financial burdens but having ancienity at production, unique OW properties or personalized personal savings, the owner may endorse exchange for a gain.

The Owndated Webquantum creation offered to folks as a free opportunity for economic benefits generate the money datevaluation activity and is an upgrade for the Classic Economy where an investment substitute was lacking.

The Classic Economy provided with the add of the money datevaluation practice is called Economy 4G3W because of the enlargement with the fourth economic gesture (4G) and in reason of it dependance W3C internet space to unlimited grow.

Differences with the testimony of David Marcus Head of Calibra, Facebook


What is WUW The Webcash Universocial Web

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It's a authoring company that makes the promotion, the rights registration and the delivery of appropriated applications for the personalized creation of guided digital saving properties on Google S Money Platform by smart contract, targeting to share cash production to get the right to share cash smart results each 24 hours at 12:00 New York local time at an organized time-market.

Filipe_AlvesFerreira_1 on Biteable.


Donald Trump , USA Congress and The FED emerging powers around a decision involving 1 trillion to give folks an investment substitut

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 Economie 4G3W

Yes, because people should be given the opportunity to make the economy by using the Internet as a means to bring together the value of money datevaluation practice, to the 3 classic practices of Economics, which is limited to the sum of the results of consumption, of savings and of investment gestures.

And with a simple construction, using simple protocols around the services of WUW's smart contract, of Google S Money Platform and of the US Administration itself, it is already possible to launch the practice of the money datevaluation to improve for ever the Wellbeing of the people in the economic field.
 My digital savings at my mobile screen
It is that without giving people the opportunity to earn money by creating digital savings, thereby gaining a capacity to multiply money and also with this achieve risk-free capital gains, all with a simple application-for-saving with a simple click on the smart phone, so without that, we'll have to produce a better proposal to solve it so well at least.
 Google Cloud solutions
Because since the agreement derivate solutions arrive for great purposes of which we invoke the 4 main ones:

1º Definitive stability for the interest rate and the FED can set 2% / 365 by day for good;

Solution for the USA debt and independence in the launching of Treasury Bonds;

3º Daily production of "webtaxmatic" revenues for the US Treasury;

4º Creation of the Time Market at New York.

And for "America First" credibility consolidation, America have to give folks the one-click-motor-for-savings, solving the economic trilemma of our outdated Economy.


Putting time into USA dollar's guts

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Input the time date you are able to save US$ 10.-.

Y'll be at wuw's ledger.

IMAGINE HOW datevaluation lets you performs better.


Do create digital financial objects to satisty your needs and wants

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It is useful and is easy to do by internet.
It does not involve costs or risks.
Everything is free and you get the tools to do:

1 app to simulate and achieve virtual results ;
1 app for true economic action with real results.

Your action is accounted for and you get full visibility into the extent of your self_webmarked_space and of the 7 counters that show the dynamics impulsing you to improve your economic performance.

The trigger event is your registration at the WUW's General Ledger.

Then you receive your Simulator app for datevaluation.

And when you use it and you feel the pleasure of the smart contract to let  "Google S money cloud platform -PaaS- make the service in good standards, then that's the moment you receive your real "Personal-Saving-Helper" starting to run in Economy 4G3W making money to satisfy your needs and wants.


One-click in 4G3W and Google S takes you further

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  One-click in 4G3W and Google S takes you further
WUW's general ledger Registrar for the code delivery of the two apps (Simulator & Real) for the money datevaluation activity by the personal creation of digital savings.

Datevaluation is a fourth economic gesture that aims to become an investment's substitute for folks.
This webmatic practice allow an economic upgrade for the outdated Classic Economy.

The WUW's ledger, it smart contract Authoring, the use of PaaS ( PaaS- Platform-as-a-Service at Google Cloud Platform) and the drafted-deal between Alphabet-Google and USA Admnistration for the upcoming "Universocial Sovereign Anchor" give birth to the "do-g-phone" running datevaluation for folks under one-click-motor-for-savings.



Action of datevaluation is to put & to call the money by Internet for best

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Yes it is for universocial wellbeing.

By your economic action.

Google S money cloud platform, may give folks a one-click-motor-for-savings, starting with a personal-webcashmotor-simulator to try the money datevaluation simulation, after register reserve at WUW The Webcash Universocial Web.


Experimenting debategraph to illustrate 4G3W

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Person with confirmed WUW's registration having received the numbered apps for :
-with PWSimulator, instructions and challenge to try datevaluation in virtual conditions ; 
-with Personal Saving Helper :
a) invitation to create 1 first Owndated Webquantum from shifting asset of US$ 10.-/each 1 O.W. digital property ;
b) invitation to order 1 first "flash" of the personal "Webcashaccount" ;
c) "Green Light to go on" communication with the WUW delivery of the icon "pioneer datevalors".



Positive effects of money valuation on taxation

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The creation of digital objects with monetary value + time-moment + the name of the creator of personalized digital savings, requires a registration with the nominative data and the timestamping of the data-gathering action in WUW's General Ledger.

It is from this data that WUWThe Webcash delivers the applications "Personal Webcashmotor Simulator 4G3W" + "Personal Saving Helper" to whoever requests it and totally free and forever.

It is about providing people with an auxiliary force to:
- to save and maintain the liquid phase of the working money;
- to multiply money, like playing, without the risk of losing;
- to obtain capital gains, with a better alternative to investment.

In the background, datevaluation is an economic practice dedicated to giving people the possibility of being enriched. A thing that in Classical Economy is no longer possible, being the trilema of the three limited economic practices that are offered to people to guide the money and considering that the investment is reserved for the most expert connoisseurs.
The advantages of the 4G3W Economy (with a 4th gesture in web space) are so intuitive and so loaded with legitimacy that they seem to have been sidetracked from the free enjoyment of the masses.

Well, this is not quite the case, because nothing of this was possible before we thought of pursuing interest as an object of production ex-machines. The "cash-sharing-production-to-share-cash-results" thing has only become possible with the development of the Internet and with the development of the automatic management capabilities proposed at "Google S Money Cloud Platform" smart contracts. Since then the "bots-for-cash" have been singularizated, to be offered themselves to the free control of the people who want to increase their performances and to enrich.

Today the theme, is the positive action that the matter brings  to taxation and to the increase of the resources available for the elaboration of the budgets of the state. In particular the increase of the resources of the USA. To produce universocial wellness with the folks help. And by plugging the holes in the reservoir so the liquid will fill and fill well. The flow of the "cash river" that people send to the EDF thanks to the modification of the "capital bombs" can not escape and get lost in dirty pockets and legitimized to serve unconfessable purposes.

End of meetings + meetings and meetings to get solutions. Because the savings will definitely become nominative and disposed of in financial properties in the name of the "datevalors" that create them. Because the people are in a hurry to make available to the EDF personalized digital savings that they want to help to manufacture interest,  for cash remuneration and or bailout, without intervention from commercial banks.  And a time-market for capital gains at Internet speed. She will have to serve the US FED and / or the other central banks. The power of money will become persona, singular and nominative. For #webcashmatic results and #webtaxmatic freedom. The interest rate will definitely be set at 2% / 365 to be paid after 24 hours. Nominatively to savers-owners on Owndated Webquantum digital properties.

End of the "floating-shares" and end of the legal channels that the titration of floating capital allows to anonymous rights for megamajors.
And you do not have to wash dirty money. That dirty money will seek identity because it is more profitable, even fueling the general budgets of the states. "America First"! Who has the copyright?
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