Could Do-G-Phone become young people's financial phone ?

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Sure you do use your next Do-G-Phone to make savings and to create dollar digital UUS$$ (universocial digital US$) by shifting the fiat Fed's US$.

Because that's the way to go in cash phase reaching capacity to multiply without gaming, looking for much-more-cash and get #webcashmatic results each 24 hours with #taxmatic freedom.

While we flip the Fed's fiat money, we can create personal-owned Digital Dynamic Savings with our own dollar (universocial digital US$), making dynamic savings with cash results and taxmatic utility. The moneys' data of its both four monetary quality, financial quality, taxmatic quality and spiritual quaility are feeded, structured and computed  for people get outputed by joint extraction of the monetary utility, the financial utility and the taxmatic utility. 

The impulse needs to treat money data with an algorithm that set data identity merged with action time data and its duration. The personal orders comunication by do-g-phone runs with a BPaaS algorithm to keep in economic action by data valuation and effet of gain cash results. The IAM system of WUW Ledger is ready for free registration.

Make digital savings to manage and guide your money maded sensitive in a personalized Internet space where you can build your luck. 

Yes, your progressive luck made dynamic by monetary on your self demarked space that expands each time you create 1 digital  UUS$$ - Universocial digital US dollar.

How can you do, what tools, what ingradients to infuse time into the money body ?

1. Registration at WUW's Ledger for Identity and Access Management (IAM) ;

2. Confirmation, downloadable app code execution ;

3. Starter of PSH-Personal Savings Helper accounting test  

4. Kick off action by trigger smart contract BPaaS algorithm run.

Do-G-Phone is a universal money data inductor to extract monetary, financial, taxmatic and spiritual utilities by shifting the fiat Fed's US$. This product allows everyone to start making personalized digital dynamic savings and creating dollar digital UUS$$ (universocial digital US$) through an IAM with a sharable model of making data of interest production in a time market with cash results distributed each day.

Do-G-Phone could be people's monetary datum inductor to  be processed by Google's Computorial Cloud Structure returning cash results data in function of personal Business Process as a Service.


Digital dollar a personalized issuance against savings

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The main difference between US$ fiat dollars and UUS$$ digital dollars, is that when the United States of America issues a dollar based upon their liability (our money), they create it in the form of debt. In Economy 4G3W, proposing processing of money data for  currency issuance, the UUS$$ is issued by each person using data-valuation in the form of digital personalized dynamic  savings constitution, in anchorized cash production at The Fed, allowing cash remuneration every day.

This could be what mades us different from all other countries, who are issuing and printing money from their debts even when in CBDCs form.

Do you think that The Fed have to go on CBDC studies or deepen on UUS$$ the Universocial digital US dollar?


For the digital dollar, how to dress the bride?

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UUS$$ (the bride) is a digital object designed to become the US digital dollar if adopted by Fed's public agreement for shift asset reversibility with US$ of United States of America.

Such public agreement drift from US Congress law and regulations framework giving people the opportunity to shift with reversibility Fed's guaranty US$ asset to the digital property asset of UUS$$ each time any individual prefer to use one fiat asset or the digital other one.

The data-valuation activity over the Fed's US dollar (US$) as raw material for popular creation of UUS$$ (universocial US digital dollar) is possible by blending the time input as a good (commodity) of the economic action and it ownership of origin, shifting the US dollar that's becomes UUS$$ digital dollar by data incorporation. Reversing the action delete time data and ownership data, giving back the raw original material, the Fed's dollar of USA.

The launch of data-valuation practice is supposed on basis in :
- The WUW's algorithm on PSH-Personal Savings Helper app ;
- The creation of the Universocial Sovereign Anchor at US Fed ;
- The creation of T.O.M. The Time Owned Market ;
- The technical support of #googledepending infrastructure service.

The peoples adoption should create the Economy 4G3W that enlarge at 4 gestures integrating Internet's space for people's creation of self marked singular spaces to cultivate infinite wealth.

The difference between UUS$$ and US$ is that UUS$$ is the currency of Economy 4G3W and is used to determine the balance of any transaction. While the US Federal Reserve creates US dollars and mades them available for use as part of their overall plan, UUS$$ are created from the money saved in an peoples bank accounts or wallets. These savings are converted into newly minted UUS$$, which can be spent on goods or services at any participating merchant. (Text of copy.ai accepted)

What's the difference between US$ and UUS$$ ?

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The difference is :
While US$ is a US Fed's liability, the UUS$$ universocial digital US dollar is covered before isuance by peoples monetary allocation against the constitution of personalized digital dynamic savings.
So when US$ is maded by the isuer's liability (US Fed) the preconized UUS$$ in Economy 4G3W is maded against peoples savings.

Why the design proposal for US digital dollar contains this structural on US$ genetic root change ?

Because if UUS$$' adoption as trip fellow of US$ and both coexistance becomes real with the economic upgrade of the money data-valuation practice, also it becomes possible the US$ desinfection by its digital savings coverture, its taxmatic control and it isuance.

The event of the birth of the digital dollar UUS$$ drags the introduction of the time market. And in the new generation money there will be a monetary charge for debt redemption, to ensure production and guarantee, a nominative personal responsibility and a creation time whose count in production relates to the reward and fiscal capture at the source of distribution.

In the presented design of CBDCs the question of liability balance versus debt is not solved.
The universocial digital dollar as proposal for processable parts of money is for universocial welbeing.  


Ingredients and tools for data-valuation of US$ fiat creating UUS$$ digital

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Sure you do use your next Do-G-Phone to make savings and to create dollar digital UUS$$ (universocial digital US$) by shifting the fiat Fed's US$.

Because that's the way to get #webcashmatic results each 24 hours.

Make digital savings to manage and guide your money maded sensitive in a personalized Internet space where you can build your luck
Yes, your progressive luck made dynamic by monetary on your self demarked space that expands each time you create 1 digital  UUS$$ - Universocial digital US dollar.

How can you do, what tools, what ingradients to infuse time into the money body ?

1. Registration at WUW's Ledger for Identity and Access Management (IAM) ;
2. Confirmation, downloadable app code execution ;
3. Starter of PSH-Personal Savings Helper accounting test  
4. Kick off action by trigger smart contract BPaaS algorithm run.

Look #googledepending's solving-for-folks all their Needs and Wants by  W4 Algorithmical Do-G-Phone.

Do-G-Phone could be people's monetary datum inductor for it processment into Google's Computorial Cloud Structure.


The Individual Ponderation for the Economic Decision

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It is on basis of our history sequence of macro number of economic gestures that we struggle to make our happiness.

The Classic Economy doesn't help, because it doesn't contain a gesture or a tool for individual economic action to make a valuable mix to target happiness without riskes of losses.

That's why that we aim to introduce a fourth economic practice to
upgrade the Economy into WWW4Gestures giving folks the free opportunity to introduce cloud money processing to get results from the sum of 4 utility fields that money data can achieve : monetary, financial, taxmatic, spiritual .

You should be able, to act on phase cash making your economic mix to get your happiness into Economy 4G3W. Cheers !


What means cashkeeping ?

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The creation of personalized dynamic digital savings is a #cashkeepping process to shift the monetary asset into property asset with permanent garanty of cash reversible acces.

The creation of personalized dynamic digital savings is a #cashkeepping process to shift the monetary asset into property asset with permanent garanty of cash reversible acces.

Tags : #cashkeeping, #cashkeeping phase, #economy 4G3W, #digital savings phase


Do you have to impregnate the Fed's US fiat dollar?

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Do you have to impregnate the Fed's US fiat dollar?

Yes, you have to achieve it for digital dollar creation and launch upgrading the CBDC project. Because CBDC is not a solution for inflation neither for liabilities of Central Banks.

Acting with the money data-valuation by your Personal Savings Helper a t your Do-G-Phone you get satisfaction by internet highway, starting and growing on Economy 4G3W (whole workable wealth and resources processables with Fed's US digital dollar conduct by Google Dynamics Cloud Infrastructure in #googledepending phase).


PSH-Personal Savings Helper to make you go cash

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WUW- The Webcash Universocial Web is aiming at providing an access to cash services forever free on the mobile devices Do-G-Phone.

We have developed a safe and secure process for the valuation of money. Our algorithm allows for a better understanding of how much data is being held, and how that data can be valued. Your Personal Business as a Service is executed through Google's Cloud Infrastucture, WUW The Webcash Universocial Web, TOM The Time Owned Market, US Fed's Universocial Sovereign Anchor and TIGTA.

WUW's goal is to help folks to save by personalized digital savings constitution , giving them a capacity to multiply money without gaming, automatize for them capital gains formation without the investment's risks and giving them freedom by automatized payment of all taxes in the new era of the money data-valuation technology.


Do the Classic Economy stay on crisis because Fed's pregnancy for giving birth to the US digital dollar ?

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The Global Economy can't sum more than the results of the 3 economic practices availables for people's determination about money guidance seeking results : 1. choice of consumption guidance, 2. choice of savings guidance, 3. choice of investment guidance.

Being that the total performance of our Economy = 1+2+3 expressed in US$ amounts or on amounts of others currencies.

The performance limitation of our Economy, even considering population grow and technicity gains, it take origin on the choice imposed but limited at 3 options to act producing effets for total GDP.
The worst is the source of  hesitation on choice determination about the best result because : 
- if you opt to spend, you don't save neither you invest ;
- if you opt to save, you don't invest neither you spend ;
- if you opt to invest, you don't spend neither you save. 
Source of remords because to take 1 type of utility you have to refuse 2 others types of utilities and in Classic Economy you have not free reversibility neither the #cashkeeping phase to go on mode #webcashmatic and #webtaxmatic freedom mode.

Attributes that give you the increase of your economic performance when you choice the money data-valuation option.
This fourth economic practice may be summarized by your action of creation of US digital dollars shifting the asset of your fiat dollars into the digital objects asset of registered properties of personalized digital dynamic savings = digital US dollars.

The safe and uneventful birth of the US digital dollar may start giving folks a one-click-motor-for-savings by joint forces of { [W3Consortium for standards + #googledepending for technical structure] + [ US Admnistration for regulation + Google Alphabet for protocoles and agreements] + [ WUW The Webcash for data-valuation algorithm and Time Owned Market creation + Google Cloud Platform for BPaaS (your Business Process as a Service) ] }.


Is it so difficult to launch the US digital dollar ?

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Well, not so if you accepte that CBDC creations (Central Bank Digital Currency) is no more the solution and that the Economy has to be upgraded for Internet Era by people's adoption of a fourth economic practice (called data-valuation of money).

Now a design for the US digital dollar has to be able first of all, to be better than the fiat US dollar (which is the world's money).

The US Fed knows that the quality of money dollar is a tremendous responsability and that also it is associated to the interest rate tool, crossing inflation and mooving human life conditions. That's why Fed exclud itself to imaginate things and output disruptive ideas.

Data-valuation idea for US digital dollar creation is to understand and fill the utility what makes the data of money valuable or not, and the relation between its properties and its price.  We show that there are only four essential properties: whether it exists, what it does, since how much time (its dynamics) and how much there is.

We are proposing protocoles between W3C, Google, US Administration to impulse WUW The Webcash Universocial Web to give folks one-click-motor-for-savings connected to a Time Market, allowing the Fed's creation of the US digital dollar.

1. monetary action ;
reversible constitution of individual anchorized savings and cash production sharing ;
2. financial action ;
individual multiplying capacity and capital gains individual source
3. taxmatic action ;
social contribution by personal efectivation 
4. spiritual action .
 soul equilibration making individual hapiness.

Please : ask #googledepending to moove empowering folks with tech for #data-valuation of money.


Trying write with copy.ai about money's data-valuation

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US FED Fiat USD is subject to a US Fed-led executive monetary system. This means that the US FED is neither a government agency nor part of any government entity. It owns no assets. The US FED has no physical cash on hand for the dollar it prints and distributes as "money." Nor does it print and distribute any kind OPPOf paper bill, coin or other financial instrument.

Project of design for  the US Fed's digital dollar going further than CBDC

From USA Fed fiat dollars, folks could create by shifting - asset with free reversibility , USA Fed digital dollars by adding in #cashkeeping phase to a fixed amount (US$ 10.-/1 Owndated Webquantum property) of fiduciary money it owner's identity and the time date of it monetary shifted allocation for anchorized production (at the USA Sovereign Anchor) to be applied as cash results (#webcashmatic) each day as triggered algorithmical smart contract for execution of data-valuation Personal Business as a Service.


Google Alphabet, Quantum Computing and Money Data

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The requirements adapted to the functional treatment of tractor attributes of economic utility must increasingly rely on the intrinsic data of money because only they can constitute the supports for functional developments.
From another angle, and since the utility has to serve each person to satisfy their needs and desires, money data must support identity, the times of personal actions, quantity counters, exchanges and payments, scopes of regulatory application, and of an extensive etc, etc, in growing dynamics with variable flows, fulfillment of fiscal obligations and diverse conjunctural crossings of infinite tendency.

All to mention that treating money as we do today, it makes no sense since the developments of the Internet and technological applications, opening up areas of utility in everyday life and which are totally wasted. Because current money cannot be processed by its intrinsic data so that each one can extract more wealth from it than it contains.
Because you have to get extration all from all 4 money's parts : your monetary performance, your financial performance, your taxmatic freedom and your spiritual hapiness.

This justifies the need to launch the individual practice of valuing money data, as we have seen proposing to Google and the US Administration. In #googledepending form.

Digital money has to be created by each one from the Fed's US dollar by changing its asset.
Because it has to incorporate monetary value, time of action in economic production and ownership of the creator (asset shifter) and its successive owner.

And all the marmalade has to be controlled without fail, in the dynamic Internet and on the dynamic of general economic conjuncture.

No problem. Quantum computing is there for that. Google knows this well.


Central Banks Can't Solve Inflation Without the US Fed

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And the US Fed can't solve inflation without giving people the opportunity to practice valuing the data of money:
this means that the US Fed has to promote the regulatory framework adapted for issuing the digital dollar by personal US$ titularity at the creation moment.

In other words: it is the people who can solve inflation as long as the legal framework allows them to exercise the valuation of the US dollars that pass through their hands.

Let people act on money in ways that are compatible with the use of Internet native technologies. Because nowadays anyone and even children can value the data. Whether they are those of money, whether it are that more or less close to those who are already being treated. Better performing by taking advantage of the Internet and the means of increasing power and quality that it develops and makes available to people who seek to improve their lives.

Well. So if in terms of money we all prefer liquidity, why don't we let people transform their US$ into digital dollars capable of doing everything that the wonderful dollars of the US Fed do and also what people need to solve all the your needs and desires?

Yes. The money data-valuation practice allows each one to reach digital savings on keeping the money cash phase. It could be the personalized US digital dollar under conditions of 1. ownership titularity, 2. time-date of creation at anchorized cash production at 2%, and 3. monetary charge of US$ 10,- in shifted asset to the property asset of 1 registered object US digital dollar.

Such digital US$ should be able to be processable by Google Cloud Platform to run the WUW's algorithm allowing each person (by the personal BPaaS-Business Process as a Service) to get all the benefits from all 4 parts of money. The legitimate juice of all 4 parts of each US dollar directly to each person :
1. Juice of the monetary part, for you ;
2. Juice of the financial part, for you ;
3. Juice of the taxmatic part, for your nation ;
4. Juice of the freedom part, for you.
All in 1.


Let Google be the US Fed's midwife so it can give birth to the digital US dollar

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The money data-valuation aims to be an economic practice that allows people to create personalized digital savings. 

Personalized digital savings can be created as digital objects in assets belonging to their creators or their successive holders, later acquiring the evolutionary rights by transaction between living persons or by reason of death. 

These algorithmical digital objects created by each person containing titularity, date of creation with time counter and monetary burden as it singular data inventory, are registered and accounted as personalized digital savings. 

These singular objects created by individual persons upgrading their US dollars running the WUW's algorithm sing the Google Cloud Platform , could be homologated by US Fed as smart CBDCs or simply to be legitimated as digital US dollars.

Monetary data evaluation is workable in the Internet space. Through the application "PSH-Personal Savings Helper" an algorithm is executed to be driven by the Google Cloud Platform service BPaaS-personal Business Process as a Service that:
 - Works in the cash phase for results in the cash phase;
 - Provides daily #webcashmatic results from all 4 digital savings property utilities ;
1. Monetary utility, because it digital savings with reversible guaranty ;
2. Financial utility, because it source of capital gains ;
3. Taxmatic utility : because it quality of all taxes payed ;
4. Spiritual utility : because it multiplicative capacity produces growing forces to make savings.


Prediction to folks infinite wealth

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Prediction on treatments of monetary data is the science field that is developed as derivative of the money data-valuation practice as described on the paper Economy 4G3W.

Here we propose the fusion of prediction methods from science extractions working on the launch of the investment's substitute allowing capital gains in cash phase it means out of risk.

The option to guide money for processing it data achieving day #webcashmatic results on 4 utilities :
1. Monetary field ;
2. Financial field ;
3. Webtaxmatic field ;
4. Mind-freedom field.
that merge in one fourth economic gesture forming the challenge #googledepending to get the upgrade into Economy 4G3W post Internet.


Who can transform US dollar into US digital dollar ?

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Who can transform US dollar into US digital dollar ?

Only YOU.

Yes because, the work around the US dollar transformation into it necessary digital form whose researches are confused by the evolutive idea of a US Fed CBDC maintaining the same role to the issuer and the same regime of liabilities for the full US Treasury.

This could not produces best result than a "bayer aspirin" for head dolor. 

At WUW The Webcash Universocial Web our algorithm prefers to operate the data of the US dollar to express the titularity of it value reserve, the position of it production capacity at work and the time accountants of it monetary, financial, taxmatic and freedom utilities whose set of values would be prefered by the US dollars owners to get follow the technical transformation and the required digital benefits. 
So the algorithm into the predictive app Personal Savings Helper should requires the US Fed to accept shift the liability asset against a registered property asset of a means of production in digital cells that become personalized digital dollars.

This way the design of the rechearched "digital dollar" appears because it shapes :
- people prefer the utility and ask to shift as time go and without new liabilities neither circonstacial fears ;
- US Fed offers to US Treasury a new stream of taxable material and a force internet:generated  by the UUS$$ digital dollar effect with it  data content of time as wealth creation magnitude ;
- [Vox populi] = [Vox US Administration]
- humans are seeking peace on economics and the thing make'em going cash .


How are webcashmatic do-g-phone results ?

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Webcashmatic results are a kind of automatic results in cash, coming from the computational cloud process that people can trigger by the app PSH-Personal Savings Helper allowing the constitution of personalized digital savings and the online treatment of the money data for valuation risk free as time go.

The algorithmical treatment embedded in your app PSH knows your identity and the date-time of your digital savings creations that are registered objects achieved by merging in each 1 Owndated Webquantum (OW), the name of the owner titular and the inicial time moment of each savings digital object constitution. 
Since this first algorithmical step the money you want allocate to value the data is shifted from it fiat asset into the property asset : each US$ 10.- becomes = 1 OW (owndated webquantum) property and it is since your first data-valuation act that triggers the dynamic position of your flash account. 

On the second algorithmical step, your personal Business Process as a Service start bringing resources of Google Cloud Structure under framed protocoles with standards of W3Consortium and with regulations of US Administration to effective work of data-valuation action in Internet space for the World.  
The cloud ressources let deploy dynamic attributes and can make the work to you to keep the cash phase of all your digital savings as first point : it's your digital savings base called #cashkeeping phase going forever and feature of the money data-valuation economic practice.
Now it's in this second step that the digital form of your money (designed to become the digital US dollar), allows the computacional treatment to extract economic power of all 4 parts of money : from monetary part, from financial part, from taxable part and from spiritual part.

That's why your PSHelper app at your do-g-phone, pushs your money into digital savings transformation that produces all #webcashmatic results generated in each of all 4 workable fields on the money body.


How is the #Googledepending liabilities processor that resolves USA debt ?

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The data-valuation practice is the economic practice consisting in the action of money allocation at the US Federal Reserve to shift it asset in order to create registered properties of monetary objects that work as personalized digital savings. 

The shift asset action can be reversed by the "owner's cashcall order" any moment and without any prior requirement.

This concept of creating digital savings in property to make it possible to process money in the cloud, gives visibility to the possible nature of the US digital dollar with a design allowing for #universal use with the objective of economics improvement promoting the creation of human wellbeing.

As proposed by the Author since May 2022 to the Federal Reserve of the United States, this UUS$$ (digital universocial US$) as a solution by cloud processor powered by savings, could be considered for the launch by the FED, surpassing in advantages all CBDCs even that with non-curatives treatments from Federal Reserve Bank of Boston , Bank of Canada and M.I.T. laboratories.

Yes because, the money data-valuation is an action in #cashkeeping phase, in mode #webcashmatic to serve people with day cash results and in mode #webtaxmatic to give people freedom with all tax paied.
Because the personal money data-valuation cloud processing allows the complete extraction of all 4 money's utilities : monetary, financial, tributary and spiritual.
Please see the concepts :
-"WUW The Webcash Universocial Web" ;
 a) Inscription at the WUW's General Ledger for "datevalors quality"
 b) PSH Personal Savings Helper app to run algorithm "in"/"off"
- "build-your-luck" for personal happiness .


Your money processing by #Googledepending do-g-phone

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How could we create personalized digital savings

Do start to act over US$ 10.- and shift it fungible asset into nonfungible registered property asset by :
Merging the monetary burden with the creator's name of the non fungible digital object and with the time (data@timestamp) of the economic action giving birth to 1 Owndated Webquantum.

Then that digital objects are linked and anchorized for cash-sharing-cash-production-results :
- 1 organized and anchored cash production to be distributed every day through smart contract in WUW's algorithm ; 
- 1 facility of guaranty if the titular-owner uses it right to reverse to the start point.

All Owndated Webquantums are presents at The TOM for :
- to serve as supports of rights belonging to it owners allowing them :
a) To catch multiplied results if luck random happens ;
b) If not luck at the day, doesn't catch cash results but allways  increase seniority transferable ;
c) Bid and Ask time contained on OWs, market exchanges by endossement .

1. User hapiness maker realizing personal force to achieve savings ;
2. Chance to multiply money without gambling, using this savings dynamic helper ;
3. Capital gains without risk, data-valuation being an investment substitute ;
4. All this computational money processing works in #cashkeeping-phase giving the user no losses guaranty during all the economic action with #webcashmatic results in freedom #webtaxmatic mode for the total resolution into Economy 4G3W making your money processing by #Googledepending do-g-phone .


Let now fertilize your money

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Do use your money as a time container as commodity able to be bid & ask in put & call exchanges at TOM The Time Owned Markek predictable at New York.

Yes, to fertilize your money, first of all you have to decide it.

Adding time to your money ownership titularity (you create a time-financial NFT by data-valuation), you get the time-date of your action as a non-fungible good whose property transferable commodity by your endorsement. It's what you can do by shifting each US$ 10.- into 1 Owndated Webquantum = 1 UUS$$ the new Fed's US digital dollar as design proposed since May 2022.

Because when you treat time as a commodity injected into your money, you can put it as a digital object belonging to you, onto an organized market with one Bid & Ask system, to sell or to buy time amounts assigning them a price at spot to get a capital gain riskfree.

The money data-valuation is an economic practice (The investment substitute) that enables you to reach all the four money's utilities at the same time : monetary utility, financial utility, taxmatic-freedom utility and spiritual-peace utility.


Digitalise US dollars in #cashkeeping phase for economic safety

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After you have reached at the money data-valuation practice you  started on the upgraded economy 4G3W.
It means that you had make the transit :
from _ the classical economy in which you where provided with 3 options to act over your money ;
to _ the economy 4G3W in which you are now provided with 4 options (the 3 classical options = consumption, savings, investment) + 1 new option of "data-valuation" (seeking capital gains risfree + money multiplication capacity without gaming to help you get money savings) all 4 disposed at your free choice at any moment to guide the utility of your money.

Now you know that the thing runs by #googledepending cloud service in mode #cashkeeping ( your cash stay cash, just it share cash production to share day cash results) using the app P.S.H.-Personal Savings Helper which you get for free in basis of your @timestamp registration at the WUW's General Ledger for The Webcash Universocial Web advantage with delivered download app giving you the money data-valuation capacity in web dynamics by internet.

Now you begin to know how big is your BPaaS - Business Process as a Service that runs into Google Cloud Platform money pipes in Internet using for free webmatic dynamics  to you get cash from cash just adding time data to your money digitalized in UUS$$ digital dollars under agreement contained in protocol with The US Federal Reserve.

Since your first gesture of data-valuation from upon at least US$ 10.- allocated to the production at the USA-Universocial Sovereign Anchor you did got your first dollar digital by shifting the asset of US 10.- into the asset property of 1 Owndated Webquantum with reversible digital quality from it situation cash_sharing_cash production enabling you for day cash results, to return to your cash by simple "cashcall" order at the screen of your Do-G-Phone operating your P.S.H.-Personal Savings app.

Well now you have catched a glimpse of that the design of the US digital dollar require your personal creation, starting with the adjunction of your name at each US$ 10.- to cloud digitalize/1 accounted recorded OW-Owndated Webquantum property with 1 date @stamped (to count the time of production at the USAchor of each  cell UUS$$ digital dollar singularized by each person using the Time Market (The TOM-Time Owned Market in stade  of formation predictible at New York).

Look now !

The cash producted at the Sovereign Anchor (Fed's guaranty of cash production is served every day to the acters - to you too - at the organized Time Market.
Every day at 12:00 the appliance of results at T.O.M. follows the policy verified by inspection of The TIGTA.

All the results appear in mode #webcashmatic and for you enjoy in freedom, all dayly payments are achieved in mode #webtaxmatic.

It's clear enought ? Thank you !
Please, require Google for #googledepending protocols conclusions with the W3Consortium and with US Administration.


Using the production of interest to reduce the interest rate, can it be the solution to exterminate inflation?

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Yes, this is the solution presented with the proposal to practice the data-valuation of money following the Webcash algorithm presented to the US Fed suggesting design and the substance for the body of the expected US digital dollar.

It's about giving people the opportunity to save with 1 click shifting the current dollar asset into a digital dollar in registered property asset.

For each person, valuing the US dollar data is equivalent to adding the monetary utility, the financial utility, the tax freedom utility, and the spiritual peace utility. All in a free webmatic operation with the personalized creation of the digital US dollar.
Any individual or legal entity downloads the PSH-Personal Savings Helper application and puts the Webcash algorithm to work to multiply money, conducting it Personal Business Process as a Service on the Google Cloud Platform pipelines within US Federal Reserve standards.


Could digital dollar become an inflation exterminator ?

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Yes, indeed it is one of it attributes.
Because the digital US dollar is the US dollar shifted into digital property asset with your name as it creator and with a counter of time since your creation date

With this digital design, the US dollar become a property registered at your name containing the handles for wealth extraction from full body of your money : the function for monetary utility, the function for financial utility, the function for webtaxmatic utility and the function for spiritual utility.

Your economic action starts with the download of your P:S.H.- Personal Savings Helper app able to guide each US$ 10.- or multiples into de Internet working in your Business Process as a Service running on Google's Cloud Platform to automatize your creations of digital dollars by data-valuation of your fiat dollars.

And when with your fiat dollars you receive the advantages of it monetary function and you give away it financial function even when you stay responsable of your taxable rents, now with your digital dollars creations authorized by The Fed and guided by Google, you receive the advantages of all the digital money qualities running by the algorithm of  WUW The Webcash Universocial Web.

And why is the digital dollar an inflation exterminator ?

Because the digital dollar require a creator person, like you.
Using your app PSH you have to date your creation act. And your PSH app obeys your shift asset order starting from fiat money which goes at the Universocial Sovereign Anchor at The Fed to be linked insuring production at the cash-sharing-cash factory and guaranty for your reversible order to the inicial state.

The infinite money production at The Fed's Anchor for distribution of day in webcashmatic mode of fiat dollars results, proceeds by immobilized accumulation on cash production and growing desinfection of fiat dollars (and other foreign fiat money). At The Fed's Anchor the cash-sharing-cash production is at 2% by fixed and interest payable daily by The Fed at  the Time Owned Market for the owners of US digital dollars with distribution results rights on each application .


Should You Exercise All Your Power Over Your Money ?

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Yes, as long as the action is legitimate and within social respect.
Yes, you have to do it.
How can you exercise all your power to better perform on Economy 4G3W ?
By your own creation of US digital dollars.

This presentation is proposed as a description of a possible digital transformation of money revealing the design for a personalized digital US dollar with universal utility and provided with handles working at time on :

the monetary field 
the financial field
the taxmatic freedom field
the spiritual peace field.

For example :
Can you tell the Fed Federal Reserve that you want to exchange the dollars it issues for digital dollars authorized by it but created by you at a date as a result of the exchange and with reversible condition?

This universocial digital dollar ( UUS$$ ) is created by people who join the three constituent elements into unique digital units using the app Personal Savings Helper delivered for free by the :

1 monetary charge of US$ 10.- ;
1 time-date of the digital creation action;

How should be the US digital dollar
1 US Federal Reserve Authorized Breeder ID.

This UUS$$ universe digital dollar is created by people who merge the three constituent elements into unique digital units:

How can you act over your money's data ?

Taking in your hands your money's destny.

First of all to act over the data of your money you have to decide :
- When, or the moment (date) of your economic action ;
- How much, or the quantity (amount) inputed on your economic action ;
- Which direction, or target choosed for the kind needing satisfaction .

When you are on decision determination

And the monetary-financial-pump has to be connected with an interest production factory gaving folks remuneration a one-click-helper-to-save. Google S may connect you at financial cloud platform.

Because the interest factory (The Fed's Universocial Sovereign Anchor) giving folks the opportunity to keep the cash phase on created digital savings (on monetary part 1), while in financial process each person shares cash production (on financial part 2)  to get the right to share in cash results every day at 12:00 at the New York T.O.M. where folks offer (Bid & Ask) time contained on personalized digital savings endosables properties.


The guts of China's digital Yuan e-CNY don't match the US Fed's DNA

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China's digital Yuan is not processable under the Fed's required US digital dollar standards. It's the currency's DNA question.

An e-CNY digital currency wants to serve a top-down driven economy. The other UUS$$, admissible by the US has to serve a free economy for individual human handling decision or bottom-up.

Draft legislation that seeks to induce more momentum in the US Fed to launch the digital dollar to compete with rivals such as China e-CNY.
..."Democrat Representative Maxine Waters has drafted legislation that aims to have the Fed further study the prospect of a digital dollar and create a path for it to come to fruition, The Wall Street Journal reported "...

It would be nice if the US Fed were willing to launch a digital dollar stagnant in an inefficient design that doesn't contain the essentials of the US dollar's innards. These guts of an energetic, healthy and strong nature, presenting all the useful resources for their handling by people and appropriate for Well-Being.

It is already clear that e-CNY does not teach content that could serve the US Fed's digital dollar. Simply because the guts of the Yuan are not the same as the guts of the dollar. So, expressing these 2 currencies similarly or simply admitting that the digital Yuan precedes the digital dollar is an understatement.

To launch the US digital dollar the design must contain the concept of universociality and the complete processability in individual human hands.

It's easy to see that such design has to allow the construction as proposed at usafed-got-uusdigitaldollar.info .


UUS$$ is Human centered for performance handlement

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Fair data principles
Data management to be used on US CBDC digital dollar predictible aims to be an open conduit leading to Human economic utility output to knowledge discovery and innovation on data-valuation for the Central Bank currency creation on standards allowed on the  Economy 4G3W design, and to subsequent data and knowledge integration reuse by the community after the data publication process.
Biliography https://datascience.codata.org/articles/10.5334/dsj-2020-015/#