What's the idea for webcashmatic added value

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May you give folks the ability to make webcashmatic added value ?

If yes, are these producted added values created as cash results and as a continuos wealth source ?

How may I get the ability for myself ?

Personal Webcashmotor

Yes, it's easy just depending on a protocol between Google and USAdmintration.

Why that ?

Because, the thing is for folks use in liberty and for free. And with web-tax-matic paiement resolved, for people wellbeing.

Is the thing so great ? Well you can imagine it : datevaluation is a new economic practice in which results are allways positifs and impulsed by web dynamics.

Why Google ?

Because technical support needs, blockchain engineearing, and big capacities handling proces. Thousands of trillions business.

Why USAdmin ?

Because regulation needs and the inexorable pression over big heads will force that if folks stay reduced at the economic trilemma :
"( if you spend,you dont save neither invest...)
( if you save, you dont spend neither you invest...)
( if you invest, you dont save neither you spend.)".-
Datevaluation is the disponibility to enlarge the limits of the Classic Economy, web putting it on the 4G3W algorithm of blockchain controled dynamics.


I create and my robot reaps my cash results

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Yes I'm with you as your personal robot. I'll guide you as perfomance helper onto the enlarged Economy 4G3W, where nobody has never nothing to pay. Where nobody has to run risks to get web results. Cash results with tax paied for you.

Because, "linking money-to-money", using datevaluation as the fourth economic practice, able to solve all your needs and wants by destination of the webcashmatic results applied at the T.O.M. each day 12:00 o'clock New York local time.

The thing sounds good. Then, use me and follow me : because I'm your robot for infinite cash performances.

Step # 1

Fill the form in order to reserve your Personal Webcashmotorfree reserve Personal Webcashmotor. You will get confirmation.


Who is able to apply blockchain technology here ?

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I'm looking to share part of my copyrights with interested co-authors in the launch of datevaluation practice.
So if you are interested email me please.
You need to control blockchain technology in Google's standards.


Linking money is enchaining money

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Yes because "blockchain" is a technology able to link your money parcels with the Universocial Sovereign Anchorat the FED as preconized by on-challenging draft "Googledepending-USAdmnistration".

Yes because it places your name in each "owndated webquantum" of your creation in timestock counting for production of "webcashmatic results". Out of any mistake.
Nothing to do with Bitcoin or others Ethereum. Blockchain tech in common, yes. Your exclusive economic datevaluation is for going up forever, because your dynamic savings are webgoing with a couple of eggs as it is a personal source for webcashmatic results. Yes for you, only going up results please. Show me every 24 hours. At 12:00 New York local time, at the T.O.M. (Timestock Owndated Market).



Google-SSServer-Phone to create your digital savings

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Momentum to create your digital savings and get web-cash-matic results.
It may be a slot-savings engine with wings to resolve folks needs and wants.

Time server to create your digital savings and get web-cash-matic results.

Yes Google may eat apples giving folks the Save-Savings server in a one-click-motor-for-savings.


Now you may sell time with added value

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Yes you may resolve to sell time for cash.

Because it's time to sell time with added value.

At "T.O.M." (The Timestock Owned Market) where a time-contained exchange Bid&Ask is organized to deal your digital savings.

And for your creation of digital savings, your free personal webcashmotor is the app going on your mobile to make the upgrade into Economy 4G3W.


Wider spaces for wealth creation

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Wide spaces for wealth creation ? Yes,
Spaces enabling wealth creation welling up a stream of trillions of dollars, providing infinite amounts on resources for economic enlargement. In IoT scale, on NASA's scale, Google's scale

Yes, think infinite ressources to attend infinite needs in human health.

And when your are there, think about the Google's qualifications to give structure control for the USAdmnistration safety regulations.

Both they have to allow the appliance of the launch of the money datevaluation practice as the investment's substitute for unlimited wealth creation surging by folks action.

Folks using one-click-for-digital-savings, by app Do-G-Phone creating event on Economy 4G3W. You will be there, because is 100% free and 100% profitable.. You will be there, because is 100% free, 100% profitable and #webcashmatic.


The Google's pregnant cow, engender new expectancy for mobile uses

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Yes because i-phones, don't resolves human needs.

Yes because i-phones, resolves narrow human needs.
Solutions for narrow needs and wants, limited by Apple's tired research . 

Yes because folks and yourself from now, may ask uses to follow your dynamic savings on web-working activity to engender capital gains revealed by the Do-G-Phone 4G3W function. 
Yes bringing webcashmatic money, to satisfy your needs and wants.

That is why the Google's pregnant cow is most promising than the Apple's pregnant cow.


My wife co-author in 4G3W

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 My wife

What is ? : cash-sharing-cash in web based economy 4G3W :

Welcome abord 

"Cash-sharing-cash", means that some parcels of your cash enter into 
webcash dynamics (using your personal webcashmotor 4G3W), to desserve
savings's prime quality :
your creation of digital savings, have to insure your inmediate in cash disponibility,
at all moment.

Because the money datevaluation proces has a cashkeeping mode and your personal 
economic action is to achieve :
Mini-CashPut for Maxi-CashCall.
Then :
STOP at "Cash-Results-SPOT" every 24 hours by 12:00 local New York time.


Enhance financial pumps and create digital savings.

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Why may I have to create digital savings ?
Because you introduce web-dynamics into your money .

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) you may have for the Author in Economy 4G3W

1. Let me introduce you on the proposed linking money-to-money practice, I mean the proposal of your one-click-app for datevaluation practice :
are you looking towards new ways on economy improvement for enhance your own economic performance ?

You know, current tech-changes are becoming easier and more accurate and every day you have to find how a single-one-click may resolve your needs and wants. Isn't Google Search your better helper-tool ?
2. Is the money datevaluation practice, a financial kitchen ?

Yes and no.

Yes, because the thing is challenging FED's for the creation of the Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor (U_S_A) for giving folks CLO (Cash_Link_Opportunities) to keep their personal bank-financial power.

No, because Regulations and the USA Admnistration are not salt, pepper or kitchens.
Do you think it is possible to create a substitute for the investment's practice ? Would you use the thing for yielding wealth if just you need to link money-to-money at the U_S_A ?
Do you trust, on Google-Alphabet's cow,  on US's President - USAdmnistration and on United-We-Solve-for-X ?

3. Why Gool-Bama-Cash may turn into your personal and free webcashmotor recipe?
Because it resolves how to folks can make from web dynamic savings, web-cash-matic capital gains and multiplied results.
Google have to resolve how easy it is, giving tech structure to support personal linking money-to-money activity on getting much-more-money and solving folks needs and wants.

After Google-FED protocole, every day at 12:00. At New York TOM (Timestock-Owned-Market).

Creating your personalized digital savings

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 Your personal webcashmotor



Why your personal webcashmotor is a savings helper ?

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The mainly reasons are the useful qualities of your webcashmotor 4G3W app :
Your app is free and run the web for free ;
Your app allow the shifting from convencional into digital savings ;
Your app contains the "go-&-return" function, it's allways in cashkeeping phase ;
Your app allow your free choice "put-show my score - call - deal - cash results" 100% free and all taxes payed  (webtaxmatic 4G3W) ;


Building #datevaluation for folks well being part of what’s next with Google Cloud Platform

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Instance : Webcashmotor 4G3W Simulator
Filipe AlvesFerreira from Author has to shift in developer looking for colaborators.
Permissions for project "Linking money by DoG-Phone" according Cloud IAM.


#Google USAdmin fixed interest forever

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Datevaluation provides infinite funds stream going onto the savings market and may allow forever the stability of interest rate. 


#GoogleUSAdmin World Tax Liberation Treatment

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Yes, it's a solution to complete your webcashmatic results coming from the money datevaluation on Economy 4G3W. #GoogleUSAdmin World Tax Liberation Treatment.


Invest or unleash the power of the investment's substitute

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Resultado de imagen de economic trilemmaDuring your economic live, day after day, when you have to choose the economic action which is the more appropriated for the results you are looking for, often you feel the discomfort in the contradictory actions of the Classical Economy :

If you decide to spend, you have to give up saving or investing;
If you decide to save, you have to give up investing or spending;
If you decide to invest, you have to resign to spend or save.

A trilemma impossible to solve within the limited space the economic use of these three actions currently available.

The proposal and challenge for the conclusion of a protocol between Google and the Administration of the United States of America would serve the launch of the 4G3W Economy giving people the opportunity to make the money datevaluation as a fourth economic action available to resolve the trilemma.

Ask Google and unleash the power of datevaluation as an investment substitute for folks use.


Your money can spare web cash matic ?

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Yes. Onto Economy 4G3W using your personal webcashmotor. Ask Google and Donald Trump.
Google renamed Google Enterprise to Google for Work in 2014. It includes the Google Cloud Platform, which lets companies pay by the minute for essentially unlimited supercomputing power.


When you look for infinite results in cash

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You have to begin and take in your hands the command of your financial power.
Resultado de imagen de your hands the command of your financial power
Then you have to find a source of infinite results reverted in cash phasis.
Resultado de imagen de cash mountain
Now you have to control to act in the legal framework.

Now you need internet safety resources
Resultado de imagen de internet safety resources like google
Finally you do apply because datevaluation practice is for folks and for you too.

Your Do_G_Phone by 10€_for_ millions


Dynamic savings effect onto Internet of Things

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Dynamic savings are digital objects you create when you make the datevaluation action of some parcels of your money. Shifting the asset from the classic accounting credit/debit, going into the ownership asset of registered properties proposed by the enlarged Economy 4G3W.

Resultado de imagen de digital object money identifier

These objects from folks creation are accounted and prepared to be followed and tagvaporated (the singular parcel's money genetic description) into the IoT. Things of folks economic lives under USAdmnistration control. Things which have to be treated by Google-FED protocol for the launch of the Economy 4G3W.

That's why their interaction with the world and the mass adoption of IoT devices push for big numbers, #quadrilliones at less.


Google able to opens the border of your money

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Resultado de imagen de webcashmatic datevalors property

Accelerant for #quadrillions dollars business, Google just have to protocolate (with USAdmnistration) and launch the Economy 4G3W, a new financial Era.

It means to give folks the opportunity of a new economic practice. Because the money datevaluation is an investment's substitute, giving webcashmatic results out of risk.

Launching an economic world dressed with 4 free choices for your money target :

If you like consumption for live : spend your money
If you like increase safety : save your money
If you like production factors challenge  : do invest your money
If you like capital gains by IoT : shift the asset of your money

Yes because you may use Internet to create digital objects. Computing timestamping on your money parcels and creating "owndated webquantums" in registered property asset. Blockchain or better, #googledepending of course.

Then the border of your money is opens for unlimited results. By the way Google works with the Humanity.