Your digital savings creations are NFTs with distinct flash-display on Do-G-Phone

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As an economic researcher I trust on an empirical method to treat a histological elements separation of the money to work an algorithm that vitalizes both the body (monetary part 1) and soul (financial part 2) of money to give it reproductive capacity (sexalization) maintaining the union of the 2 parts and preventing its death.
In fact what's matter is the origin and the nature of the mainly points of application where to give birth for added value generated by the webdynamic when money may become digital and run to it reproduction in Internet space.
After that, my option has been to find and trust on the proporcionality of each personal effort to get an infinite production which could be connected and applied between the identity points poles as dynamic foundations of a web building, able to connect production results to people.

After tests in real market, the final gross result has been :

 1. User may start by asking a record at the WUW's general ledger for identities qualification and online actions timestamps, as records of the money data-valuation activity.
The WUW's Ledger has the authoring conception and it becomes the algorithmical source for all personal rights [ with execution of the smart contract to serve each BPaaFS-Business Process as a Free Service (under #googledepending agreement) for the money data-valuation activity] and  to share production in cash results every 24 hours (at Time Owned Market , now in beta-gestation under WUW-Google-TIGTA agreement).

Once the alpha-chronological registration of the identity is confirmed, the user proceeds using the WUW code to download the PSH-Personal Savings Helper application from Google Play and from there, he can create 1 or multiple digital objects, activating the smart contract whose algorithm contains:

A. The legal regulation (USA law) for data-valuation activity and application rules for the daily distribution of results;

B. The execution to be carried out exclusively by Google Infrastructure, in the form of BPaaS personal business process and providing all technical services and their updates to the ultimate quality standards on a permanent basis.

C. The favor of the #[WUW + W3C + Google + US Administration] protocols in phase #googledepending for the universal-social space;

D. The free Access to the T.O.M. The Time Owned Market

where are applied every day at 12:00 (New York time) the #results of the monetary production with :

a) The Watch at the T.O.M. to the application of results every 12:00 in New York.
b) The right to participate in person in the T.O.M. to also evaluate digital savings units on trading site and use tools (Do-G-Phone extensions) there in the TOM's Time Exchange environment to act by Bid & Ask and consummate sales or purchases of time-as-commodity contained in the Owndated Webquantums = Personalized Digital Savings.
c) The right to be assisted in person to improve the general understanding and:
- for the exercise of observation-control over the general state of ensuring the functioning of the #cashkeeping phase;
- for the observation-control exercise on the general execution of the #webcashmatic and #webtaxmayic modes:
- to file any possible claim.


Your personal generator of money

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 All Google infrastructure may run to you make money for your needs and wants.


Roots of "data valuation of money" using histology of cash

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The research started in the early eighties that led to the discovery of a method capable of suppressing the money investment risk while maintaining it the characteristic of the only practice providing added value, led to the launch tests for public use of the new practice proposed.
Pionered from October 13, 1982 and what was the pioneering substitute for investment was called "transinvestment".

At that time, for the real market tests, the name "transinvestment" wanted to make us see the monetary results that had been distributed weekly and had been cash produced and achieved without the risk of losing money. Hence, beyond "investment" was born the "transinvestment" which had produced and have distributed net results with the personal capacity to multiply without gambling and with the personal capacity to realize capital gains without investing avoiding risk but only "transinvesting money" adding it ingredients of "recorded time" and of "transinvestor's name" to the allocated money.

Since 1995, research has been oriented towards the application of economic practice renamed "datevaluation" in the Internet environment, envisioning the use of the free growing disponibility of  production factors for free, that could be used to build a proposal for economic practice that would lead to the results of " transinvestment". 
Hence the 4th economic gesture at 3 W (#4G3W)and since 2005 the gesture of "datevaluation" was born, now "#data valuation" with the launch proposed by the author team to [Google + W3C + US Administration].
The upgrade for Economy 4G3W was born.


The money-guts data processing

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Does the money body nature have guts or other anatomic elements ?
May such things be useful worked by processing it data ?
May the money data processing generate cash output added value from cash and over cash ?

Triple Yes, my dear researcher.
And the result may be offered to folks in mode of BPaaS-Business Process as a Service giving them a free opportunity to make cash-from-cash, supressing investment risk.
Because #datevaluation is a #cashkeeping practice.

There is an app for ? 
What's the price to download ?
And how are the running costs ?
And what about the cash results and it distribution ?
Does the app has some advantage else for my better performances ? 

Everything is 100% free. Because the money data valuation (#datevaluation) is for everybody. As a public resource.

Ask Google for your free cash generator. Because it's #googledepending in a free use of multi-cloud service. All by your identity inscription at the ledger of WUW The Webcash Universocial Web.


US FED may study money #datevaluation facility

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Early 2022, US FED could invoques and promotes near the US Congres the regulation to popularize a new social worldwide economic gesture able to produce capital gains in alternative to the investment's risk.

Because, US FED may resolve and pay to the market US debt by giving people the regulated money #datevaluation facility, opening the practice for treatment of time as a commodity. 
WUW The Webcash Universocial Web proposes the technical knowledge that allows people to exploit a personal and self-defined web space where everyone can create digital savings.

The money is decomposed into an asset change from credit/debit to digital property asset using a P.S.H.-Personal Savings Helper application.
The PSH app is used to enable the extraction of elements from the money allocated for accounting purposes in a dynamic flash statement with 7 counters for control, evaluation of value creation and for the management of the creator of digital savings in registered property objects.
The decomposed data are conducted to work by the same internet algorithm of the BPaaS intelligent contract to different multi-clouds:
- alpha-nominative and time-sealed registration data;
- financial production data;
- time data in production and rescue interruptions;
- data from the supervised application of the daily results;
- tax compliance and payment control data.

At USA, there bots for everything : also to get money for your needs and wants.


Proposing Google for the launch of the money datevaluation practice

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Proposing Google for the launch of the money datevaluation practice

Datevaluation is the practice that allows the input of time-date into the money guts, in order to create digital savings where the "time" is treated as a transferable commodity.
(This is a Science matter for changing world : here are USGS science centers).

How to let each person add time into money for creation of personalized dynamic digital savings ?
WUW The Webcash Universocial Web, is projected web for the personal creation of digital-savings giving folks a free app "PSH-Personal Savings Helper". 
The app PSH is a next Android creation to run "#wuw's algorithm-for-datevaluation" under Google's standards for it  infrastrucure tech to develop the BPaaS-Business Process as a Service for each person registered at WUW's General Ledger for datevaluation activity.  

The people's allocation of money for datevaluation personalized action using Internet space to reflux the created money by bank system into the USA Fed. anchoring it financial part on savings-in-cash production and under covered-guaranty bu USA before the introduction of it nominal temporal part into T.O.M. The Time Owned Market, allows the creation of sources of added value which are the personalized digital savings.

So : 
#datevaluation = #personal creation of digital savings

Because when you treat time as a commodity you can take it, to an organized market with one Bid & Ask system, to sell or to buy time amounts assigning them cash value at spot.
Time winned on yours digital savings creations is able to be operated efficiently at  T.O.M. The Time Owned Market, so can you extract cash from it by transaction or keep it on digital savings seniority to serve every 24 hours on day cash results attribution at 12:00 at New York.

As the results of datevaluation economic practice are coming from cash production worked by financial part of nominative digital savings anchored at The USA Fed the Universocial-Sovereign-Anchor produces at the same time the #cashkeeping algorithmical quality and the resources for the applied algorithmical modes, #webcashmatic and #webtaxmatic.

From everything it turns out that "#datevaluation" may be an alternative practice to the "#investment" with supression of the risk by automatizing an infinite production of interets in cash from cash free.


Beyond investment you find transinvestment

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What to do with money to reproduce it with right shot ?

To go further than investment may I "transinvest" or "overinvest" money to get capital gains in risk-less economic action ?

Yes you have to go further over your own Internet space

Show me the source code

Do you say that my money datevaluation has to be done in my personalized space at Internet ?

Yes with your app PSH-Personal Savings Helper because , your Business Process as a Service is guided by Google 

Your PSH contains WUW’ smart contract to run by Google Cloud Platform getting :

1. Time stamping for your registered activity. It's the #owned time ;
2. Cash phase for your money. It's the #cashkeeping phase ;
3. Source for digital savings in anchored cash production. It's your #personalized-digital-savings ;
4. Nominative cash results every 24 hours . It's your #webcashmatic/#webtaxmatic at #T.O.M. timemarket.

Organized cash production for your day-to-day growing cash results.


What did Google find when opening the Apple apple ?

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From search to search Google's Lab found seeds that germinated in a fertilized ground: and created many apples. 
Could this fenomena serve to give folks the "one-click-for-cash-money" by smart phone ? 

Now WUW The Webcash Universocial Web is asking Google to launch the PSH-Personal Savings Helper application and to run it with the open algorithm to customize the individual production of capital gains.

To run the application with WUW's open algorithm, the MIT-Open Algorithms as Smart Contracts type relation is useful.

The design of the PSH app includes an important improvement, offering for individual exploration 1 new self-demarcated economic space (upgrade from 3G to 4 economic gestures) distinguishing itself and making the transition from Classical Economics to 4G3W Economics. The new economic space, increased with the practice of the money datevaluation in the cash phase, was born with the addition of the creation date of the digital savings streamlined by the Internet and the time counted function in an organized production cell and with political-financial regulations offered to the decision of the Administration USA for the creation of TOM The Time Owned Market. The whole : waiting for Google's decision, #googledepending on "draft protocol" .
To run the application with WUW's open algorithm, the MIT-Open Algorithms as Smart Contracts type relation is useful.

Thus, the valuation of money as a practice that produces risk-free capital gains is an alternative practice to the practice of investment and has unique advantages for people to achieve :
- acting always maintaining the "phase cash" or #cashkeeping, to eliminate the investment risk;
- acting in "webcashmatic" mode to obtain production factors and results free of charge;
- act in BPaafS-Business Process as a free Service with an intelligent contract leading to the multiplicative capacity to be able to multiply money without gambling;
- act in "webtaxmatic" mode to receive automated net results with taxes already deducted.


So Google is going to give each person 1 apple ?

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Why Google Cow and not Apple Cow?

Because Google's cow gives birth to more universe products.

And why is this like this?

Because while Apple loves its apple without looking for the fruit, Google searches and looks for what and why of everything that is good for Man : reason of #[Google Cow / Apple Cow]>1.

So Google opens the apple every day, sees its interior and the interior of everything that the apple contains.
When it comes to seeds that are suitable for reproduction, Google searches and searches for how and why everything that serves life. feeds Man and gives Well-Being.

Is Google's cow capable of giving birth to happiness?
Yes. True.

Now I look for : how is this Google in terms of money ?

Well Google is limited to just looking for everything capable of satisfying the needs and desires of Man: it is natural for Google to include in its searches, such as giving people a "one-click" to get cash money...
that's why Google accepts to run an application (PSH-Personal Savings Helper) in its technical structure (Google Cloud Platform) to give people a fruit delivered in cash by Do-G-Phone.
So Google is going to give each person 1 apple?

Incomplete.  Google will give you and everyone an apple tree each. Apple tree that produces apples on the land that you define according to how many apples you want to reproduce in order to grow apples there, as the circumstances allow.


Complete. Because they aren't apple trees or apples. It's about cash money to you satisfy all your needs and wants. It's about your BPaaS and your PSH. 


Create your digital savings with own time

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Create digital savings with own time
Create digital savings with own time property and then enter at T.O.M. The Time Owned Market and get cash results every 24 hours.

Because your money run cash over cash, to share cash results rolling capacity to multiply always making money as time go.

Yes you are at Time Market to deal time as a commodity with #datevaluation advantages.


It's no more a secret : Google can help humans increase well-being by giving them an app to inject time on the money savings datevaluation

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Google can help humans increase well-being by giving them an app to make cash online. With 24 hours cash results. To solve folks economic needs and wants.

The app thing (PSH-Personal Savings Helper) is organized as a personal webcash BPaaFS (Business Process as a Free Service) running by Google Cloud Platform which mainly and singular advantages are :
- the work into web' #cashkeeping phase ;
- the cash results appliance every 24 hours at a Time Owned Market ;
- the production mode #webcashmatic from digital savings ;
- the freedom defense mode #webtaxmatic stamped by US Treasury.

In one word : Google gives folks a riskfree investment's substitute.

Who says better than #Googlepending for you live ?


It's one thing to make money circulate on the Internet, it's another thing to make it live there

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It's one thing to make money circulate on the Internet, it's another thing to make it live there.

To serve benefits without the inconvenience of money circulating there without living there. In other words: coming from Classical Economics, moving to 4G3W Economics (4 gestures on the WWW-Internet).

And when you want your money to live on the Internet, you have to:
- keep it yours and to your order from the date of entry and forever;
- normalize it in a standardized web dynamic unit;
- domiciliate it as someone who patronizes a place;
- register it in your name as a living financial substance capable of producing without cost.

So does it mean that each person can make their own money come to life by connecting it to the Internet just to take advantage of it?

Yes it is the PSH-Personal Savings Helper application.
With it you can give Internet life to your money organized in digital savings properties willing to generate cash income distributed every 24 hours and always charging benefits without incurring any cost.
It is the result that is up to the user of the BPaaS  (Business Process as a Service) in a proposed building between the WUW, Google, the W3C and the Administration USA.


Connectable money to Internet dynamics

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To connect money to the Internet, it is first necessary to transform it into digital savings.
The shift process is achieved using a PSH-Personal Savings Helper application whose download code is obtained free of charge by entering personal identity data in WUW's General Ledger.

When you download the PSH app to your smart phone you are immediately enabled to freely create digital savings. These digital objects run on the Internet to produce daily cash results thanks to the algorithm that governs its BPaaS (Business Process as a Service), heart of your PSH-Personal Savings Helper.

The algorithm governs your BPaaS producing the effects required for the liquid-phase of datevaluation economic practice, in webcashmatic and webtaxmatic modes.

From the download of the application on the Play Store, your Business Process runs on Google Infrastructure both to support and record all your PSH menu operations and to guide the production of results with the USA's FED and treatment and general control of the market (TOM The Time Owned Market) of savings-production times and conduct of results with delivery of automatic and tax-free payments for you to enjoy in total freedom.

Related :


Global investments require Google Cloud Platform on dry cash supply

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What for ?

For sucking up excess cash humidities : too much liquid causes rot pushing hyperinflation.

How you do that ?

Instrumenting folks (Instruments US Treasury) with a personal Business Process designed as a GDP Service for digital savings constitution.

Where expected results, do appear ?

In the security and growth of people's well-being.

Only by filling the hollow money with the vigorous substance contained in digital savings is it possible to engender infinite resources to satisfy investment needs present in the post Internet enlarged Economy.


Global investments require Google's help against hyperinflation

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Yes because hyper-inflation is the rampant consequence of the USA FED's treasury bond releases and the Bank of China's competing digital Yuan attempt.

..."It's estimated Google processes approximately 63,000 search queries every second, translating to 5.6 billion searches per day and approximately 2 trillion global searches per year."...

With the introduction of the fourth economic gesture that leads people to extract infinite wealth by practicing the data valuation of money in the extended space of the 4G3W Economy, resolving their needs and wants.

Worldwide investments require Google's help against hyperinflation.

Well, I can justify myself:
What is the origin of the coverage value contained in the means of payment of the factors of production?
And, I can legitimize myself:
Is there savings or false currency making the world go round?
Are there consumption expenses to live on, or is there a rush to consume to cover the growing hollow money?
Are there investments from oil rents or lack of oil for going on with "NASAStarlink, Blue Origin or even Pfizer"?

Therefore, we either use the value of money as a fourth economic gesture, or we use another investment substitute that may be better in the future.

Right now, the available is:
1 - World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) +
2 - Alphabet Google +
3 - WUW The Webcash Universocial Web +
4 - USA Administration.

And the solution for the economic development of Welfare in Peace is the protocol [1+2+3+4] to let people make digital savings.


Build What’s Next with Google Cloud Platform

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As Google makes the Google Search search engine available for free and providing enrichment of knowledge to anyone and everyone, Google can also provide a Google for Cash engine (it would be a personal BPaaS-Business Process as a Service) for free and provide enrichment in cash money for anyone and everyone.

Ask Google for the launch of "one-click-motor-for-cash".

Where will Google's next success be built?

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Where will Google's next success be built?

In a space that Google will build itself to provide greater intelligent reach to satisfy people's wants and needs.

And in what specific space can Google be able to offer people such broad utility?

In a space that allows each person to extract infinite wealth.

Will Google launch open space for individual extraction of infinite wealth?

Can Google give people a custom app to freely use in creating and appropriating wealth?
With individual appropriation payable automatically and with tax obligations already fulfilled, everything ready and cleaned for you too?
Can Google let you download this app (Personal Savings Helper app) for free and make use of the Google Cloud Platform service available for free?

How is this possible?

It's a question of algorithms. As Google makes the Google Search search engine available for free and providing enrichment of knowledge to anyone and everyone, Google can also provide a Google for Cash engine (it would be a personal BPaaS-Business Process as a Service) for free and provide enrichment in cash money for anyone and everyone.

Ask Google for the launch of "one-click-motor-for-cash".


Google have to open a new Era

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A new Era in which every person has a mobile application for creating dynamic web savings in the form of nominative digital objects, registered with the stamp of the creation date and accumulated production time counters for organized remuneration trough Google Cloud Platform.


Yes, essentially. Because in fact we are meaning and trusting in all Google' technological structure (at presente and in future) to launch and serve the money datevaluation practice as the first economic practice able to substitute and or alternate the investment practice able to let folks achieve capital gains in automatized mode.


What is time as a commodity?

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Treat part of your time like a commodity: put it in dynamic stock, arrange it in containers, apply accumulated quantity counters, put time on sale to make money and enter the Time Market in preparation at New York, the Time Owned Market where you make cash results every 24 hours.

How does it enter the T.O.M. The Time Owned Market and how much does the personal ability to trade time cost?

Costs? = 0

How do you get in? = User registration with identity card

Ingredients ? = Amounts of your time you want to sell as transferables containerized merchandise: personalized digital savings (transferable time at the Time Market).


Owndated webquantums creator account

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Owndated webquantums, digital creator account for the money datevaluation solution.

 For you making money with economic increased force. 

Neither Cryptocurrencies neither GovCurrencies : just enforce your personal financial power uploading Google's Economic Satisficing (PSH-Personal Digital Savings Helper). 
Google's Economic Satisficing helper is coming up point.


Towards digital savings moves Google fantastic space

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Yes for people well being

By automatizing the first investment substitute giving cash results as personalized resource.

As simple as Google Search enrich everyone "a la carte".
Proposing automatic engine to solve for folks wants and their money needs as an algorithmical into economic Google Search motor derivative. 
Just giving people means for the money datevaluation.

And for free. For you too.

The decision for individual economic action, starts from an invocation or point of origin that triggers an evaluation reasoning about the available alternatives for choosing the allocation of the resource to act.

"...The invocation to act is the consideration of a single intention for reasoning or inner conversation about an action since its invocation. The reasoning goes through intentions, types, scenes and indications..."


Economic action inputing @time-into-US$ 10.-

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In your webcashaccount with the same number of the associated Personal Savings Helper - PSH, your datevaluation activity (your economic action inputing @time-into-US$ 10.-of- your-money by shifting the financial burden on property asset of 1 O.W. ) is recorded and it result is @timestocked-computed to give you a set of measured values for your general assessment and comparison. 
Framed by your BPaaS-Business Process as a Service or your datevaluation-guts for @webcashmatic-execution, and in reason of dynamic factors on cell-financial-work, for all information and for your personal assessment please ask "WUW The Webcash" the screenshot of your account. It appears at your do-G-phone screen for free and when you prefer.

The screenshot of your account is a flash position of a set of 7 counters and the amount of the TotUnixTimeCake for day results.
For assessment you have to integrate them.
It informes you about the evolutive web environnement and singular structural involvement connected with the financial properties of your titularity on  WUW's General Ledger


Tagvaporation of digital savings inputing financial usability

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Tagvaporation is the inputting sensitive data action creating restrictive regulation for  the extended use of the financial burden contained on digital savings properties.

The software's design of your app PSH-Personal Savings Helper contains the tagvaporator's chooser menu for restrictive options to be proposed on BPaaS' anchoring process.

Tagvaporation it's also a facultative window allowing the predictives derivatives industries of products and markets.


Trusting on personal creation of digital savings

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Your app PSH - Personal Savings Helper enables you to create Owndated Webquantums which are your personalized digital savings properties.

Shifting the asset of each US$ 10.- you get 1 OW
That is 1 digital object registered at the WUW’s Ledger triggering the smart contract and start to run digital savings in Economy 4G3W.
It means that by execution of your  Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) on Google Cloud Platform standard, your financial burden is linked to the USAnchor for cash producing to win the right to share cash results,  every 24 hours at 12:00 at Time Owned Market.

Your datevaluation activity is accounted in dynamic counters which set on flash of instant position may the shape basis for your free management.


Your Business Process to start making your money reproductive

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Well. I'm Author in Economy 4G3W. That on the idea to offer folks fun fishing real cash money on way WebSea, collecting disponible dynamics factors (factors on free disposal and plentiful on Internet Space) for  production of cash results comming from personal digital work of implanting resources on Internet space web located as cultivation (#datevaluation) of own digital objects properties.
I gave birth to WUW The Webcash Universocial Web to give access to the practice of this new gesture to value your money in phase cash, doing it by your hand (on your computer or smartphone) and in your own way, for free and without any cost or charge, forever and producing ininteruptly by Internet for you on the web.

As you can imagine it paints well but it sounds like a fairy tale.
Perhaps by asking yourself and spending a few seconds of your time, you can sentence: ... "- if the thing is realy true, its execution cannot be anything simple and this is not for me".

In view of the foregoing and in this case, the complexities that are very numerous and in different areas of evolutionary knowledge, these difficulties were removed thanks to the conception of an application running the procedural generator method for personal-computer when using the money datevaluation practice to get capital gains as time go. 
And also to earn the right to multiply money without having to gamble assuming bad luck and risk of lossing.
The app PSH-Personal Savings Helper that gives you better economic performance and luck to multiply every day at 12:00 (New York local time) , serves you to create digital savings and to register it at your "self_marqued_space" with @time_stamped on each unit . This stamped date reveals the time-financial-action embodied into each digital object [now in property asset] and origines dynamic accounting values. The functional time of each digital cell defines it ancienity and affects the titulary's right to share-cash-produced.

At the same time, your PSH app will run all the procedures, always guaranteeing cash results thanks to the execution of the smart contract shaping your BPaaS-Business Process as a Service. 
And for you now, all is going in #cashkeeping phase and in modes #webtaxmatic and #webcashmatic.


Make your money sensitive

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The only way to make money sensitive by the economic act that each and every person determined to merge  his own sensitivity into his own money, is to act on it using a datatransorative action (#datevaluation for practice).

And datatransorative action or money datevaluation practice, what is it?
It's the computing procedural generation required for the creation of digital savings.

Digital savings are digital objects created as result of "#datevaluation" acts implementing changes on the money asset for  reversibly may mutting if from the classic "credit/debit" asset, into "registered digital property asset". At any moment and at free will .

The titularity source of such digital objects , is the WUW's General Ledger inscription, wich outputting tools for giving people ability for the money datevaluation. 
Each person may get, at WUW The Webcash Universocial Web (for free and forever), 1 personalized app PSH-Personal Savings Helper to start edify on Economy 4G3W in space web located, triggering the smart contract BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) to get all the results of savings digital creation activity.

Beyond the protection of the specific and intrinsic values ​​of the digital savings [#cashkeeping phase, in modes #webcashmatic + #webtaxmatic], the entire functional environment for the exercise of the datevaluation of money, is framed by the intelligent contract adapted to the personal creation of digital savings by respecting the standards, laws and regulations in accordance with the Administration USA and the requirements of the W3Concortium and those of Google Alphabet.


What is WUW The Webcash ?

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WUW The Webcash Universocial Web it's a web, promoting to give people the free opportunity to upgrade in Economy 4G3W. by using the money datevaluation practice to create digital savings financial objects.

From using an app (PSH-Personal Savings Helper) and for the first time people are enabled to create digital objects by shifting the asset of the money from "credit/debit" asset  into "registered property" asset in web dynamic.
Operation practice of shifting the asset requires to merge the name on ownership with the financial burden at work and the @time of the creation datevaluation action stamped as of the moment action of each person with datevalors quality.
Datevalors quality is adquired by the person who trigger the WUW's smart contract for the first time allowing registrations on WUW's General Ledger.

It's a web distributing habilitation on ​algorithmic digital savings creation.

Web for cronological activity registration on algorithmical creation and follow of digital monetary objects "owndated webquantums" with smart contract providing BPaaS-Business Process as a Service for personal exploitation.

​Registration activity and for habilitation on algorithmical digital savings creation.

Registration for personal monetary datevaluation hability by free algorithmical Business Process Service.


Towards digital savings

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(Do You ?)I like light-up OLED Tattoos to advance on my original concept of predictive industry of bio products for location under-human-skin-smart-screens . As my publication on "Santa Clara Mousephone 4G3W on November 2006.

By the way it may be real the Under-Human-Skin screen for Do-G-Phones 4G3W.
Please ask Google to overcome with the launch of "under-skin-bank-financial-power" for the money datevaluation.
Giving people the opportunity to start making the Economy 4G3W running personalized BPaaS through dynamic Google Cloud Platform structure.


Folk's digital savings working for humanity hapiness

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Personal webcashaccount for digital savings

Because currencies are infected and disinfection requires actions of money datevaluation FED has to remunerate the practice with capital gains and capacity to multiply every 24 hours.

Such remuneration to pay folks’ “datevaluation action” cannot be on by FED’s charge. On contrary what was in research it was a recipe to allow the creation of USA Central Bank Digital Currency previous Money Market disinfection, without new charges for USAdministration and producing new collectable material for the US Treasury.

Being discovered the recipe at labs of WUW The Webcash Universocial Web it consists on the launch of the money datevaluation practice under the form of an inscription on a general ledger to adquire legitymity for the new practice, a smart contract, an Android’s app (PSH-Personal Savings Helper), a BPaaS for Google Cloud Platform guidance and the creation of a time market.

What provokes the birth of T.O.M. The Time Own Market proposed on protocol between ^[Google-USAdministration] expected with kick off regulations.

Of course it need human force, not investors, just “datevalors” to act into “cashkeeping phase” on modes “webcashmatic” and “webtaxmatic”. All in “Googledepending” acceptance for tech structure uses. And US Autorities for regulations on Universocial well being.