Tagvaporating 10€ or multiples

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When you datevalue 1 or multiple 10€ parcel by Mousephone ( code name for the personal webcashmotor) you apply in 1 or multiple owndated webquantums and you stay in cash phasis. Because you prefer to keep cash your savings. So you-do-mark-your-money webdating it. Then your webcashmotor start to run in the new Economy 4G3W. That action is like a fishing money action by communication motors at the deep WebSea.
There you stay cash and allways cash, because you may have to reverse your datevaluation if you need your savings by now websyncron-dated and in webjobbing position (you webcashfish by webpowered_link and in sleeping mode) .

Now your economics parcels of owned_timestock are running and catching 24/7.

And your detailed money datevaluation includes your feed_personalizator. Select your tag_vaporating feed_pilot :

- you may mix for free free production factors to your initial fusion (the 10€ unit_of_money melted in your own_webpasted_time) :
- some "seo", "tags", "photos", "slides", "google", "live spaces","yahoo pipes", "quintura", "fuzzzy" and so many others added values for your free imagination to go up and up forever.

By such "web_potage" you shall prefer this_flavor_or_that_flavor in a personal and personalized choice for your pleasure. Your personal recipe in such finantial_fastfood self_agreement is your dynamic_ownmarked_quantum now tagvaporated by your care. Each of yours "owndated webquantums" are an universocial webjurisperson.

So it is easier with your own webcashmotor. Now you have the answer to your question. Did you understand the material hard&soft&owndated&personal savings&finantial "tagvaporating" your (webjuris quantum) webjuris_person_quantum ? If not, complete that my Dear. I am sure you may help me and the Humanity making money not the war.

Finito parlare. Take cash results. Reserve your ticket at the Webcash_Universocial_Web.

Just link money_to_money for much_more_money.

Go to the Economy 4G3W because it is for you and for "Les uns et les autres".

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