Citizens Briefing Book

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More than just an idea I will give you a finantial recipe for the :

Creation of the Mytime-Money-Currency Universocial_Anchor_Safecash_Admnistration

Shifting USDollar into U_S_A  Gool-Bama-Cash web running forever
Gool-Bama-Cash Recipe is allways for 1 person, Solo-per-Te :

@ Shift 10 €uros parcels of your bank money into personalized money creating some "Owndated Webquantums". 
@ Keep it into cashkeeping mode as your live-savings running the web for cash results and dealing time by webcashmatic plusvalues. 
@ Leave it under googledepending maintenance. 
@ Join obamadepending settlements. 
@ Stay linking money-to-money for much-more-money by your own webcashmotor (code nameMousephone 4G3W).
Taste your own Gool-Bama-Cash  and eat as much as you want. You are just exposed to risk of winning more and more weight in your economic life.
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