Definitive money protection

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When you use datevaluation over some parcels of your bank money, you are giving a dated moment to each of these 10€uros which are accounted in OWs properties (owndated webquantums) by the function of your personal webcashmotor (the 4G3W icon in your screen).

You got for the datevalued money definitive money protection. Just you had to shift credit asset into financial registered properties assets. Your Owndated Webquantum financial container of 10€uros in fusion with your timestock (the better date you had be able to make webliving-savings) and accounted on dynamic flash because running the web to cash produce and cash share.

Yes because when you create your webliving-savings parcels, first you make personalized money parcels by your own webcashmotor connected to your dynamic webcashaccount which is webcashmatic to generate plusvalues and to multiply daily shared cash results.

So linking money-to-money, linking each of your parcels at the Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor is the easy Gool-Bama-Cash financial solution your definitive money protection. Definitive 5/5 and SafeOne.

Because even you when you datevalue, you cannot get the same owned timestock for 2 parcels of your webliving-savings.

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