Linking 10 euros parcels for much-more-cash money

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Home starter for Universocial Cash Economy

Linking money is the economic practice of the money datevaluation by 10 Euros parcels shifting into webliving-savings personal creation which is an investment's substitute action to upgrade the Classic Economy.

It makes for you the ownership of your webcashaccount with your Sel-Marked-Webspace domain where are accounted all and each of yours Owndated Webquantums. It means your registered properties which are your cells of personalized bank-financial material sharing cash production to reach gains in webcashmatic plusvalues and in daily multiplied cash results at the WUW's TOM (Timestock-Owned-Market) at day 12:00 of New York local time.

For linking money parcels you need to register for your free Personal Webcashmotor. Then it start to run in Economy 4G3W and your economic life will go up forever. For free. Because it is just for yielding wealth.
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