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Keep your savings_web_dynamic and let it live with you.

Plug-to-cash money is the stream which you create making the new economic practice of the money datevaluation proposed in Economy 4G3W. Because when you launch each 10€ parcel shifting asset from the credit asset of your parcel of bank money into 1 Owndated Webquantum in your ownership registered property communicated by your action on your personal webcashmotor's menu, you create in fact a new and single financial material to run the web soap, linking money-to-money ( your new 10€ parcel linked with a time-stock quantum at U_S_A the Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor) for cash-production-cash-sharing-process.

To connect your plug-money (the money-link) you customize your savings in plots of 10 €uros merging units of bank money, with your name and best time of your webcashmotor THROUGH web. As if charging a cell phone.

No more and you will have 1 plot OW (Owndated Webquantums) for your 10 €uros webmarked custom. And OWs are your financial containers with your savings_web_dynamics in automatic time-control. Since the savings may be customized and made to work in a work universocial money-with-money plugged into your best possible data or your OT (the timestock owned).
Mean and say, money in his date of creation is now shifted in web-dynamic-savings.
Want to say and repeat: saving custom container placed in time-merit-value.
Mean and end: I want my cash, to produce cash and cash daily delivered results.

And so it is clear that your safe driving ability introduces your personal economic performance in highway for wellbeing :

- Personal money in cash savings_web_working and maintained in fresh acces for your needs/wants;
- OW money in property and financial power instead of credit / debit / and 1 rate of interest;
- With money in your webespace worker and force_web_inputed without investment risk.

Now if you'll also be able to say: Now-I-Save-By-Motor. Let me save my friend!

4G3W economics is that, whenever things go for you. On how your cash is cash and cashkeeping it have to produces results.

Simply replace the classic savings mechanism in box-cookies-venture investment bank, to keep for you your bank and financial power at your home.
Go up and forever. Always and always getting webcashmatic cashkeeping capital appreciation.
Even the elderly prefer dynamic-savings. And you?

Mousephone 4G3W will look like :

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