Make frozen interest rate forever

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Savings must create plusvalues. Then folks will save and save and Economy will get the ressource of a constant interest rate. 1% forever. Or for a while. Obamadepending versus Googledepending. With a new generation e-mail device provided with personal bank-financial power giving politico-technical trust for universocial wellbeing.

Can you agree or say better ?

Come with us : WUWteam4G3W

From Mauro Caceres :

For resuming, make financial device for just by freezing the taxes of interest we are then estabilishing a solid ground for standing on, no matter what, even if you save little, you could be assured that your savings won't fall.

Instead of just politic-tech trust we'll have a popular choose, since we're orienting this "Universocially" and today, anyone can have the enough access to tech as to reach us and make use of the 4G3W, from anywhere in the world. We'll be on popular demand, don't worry.

(As my opinion, I would trust Obamadepending choosing).
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