Let's share 1 trillion cash anchor

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Let's share 1 trillion

The cash production of 1 trillion US dollars into cash Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor magnetic deposit on Central Banks System for 1 year at 1% interest rate, is a cash amount of 10 billions of US dollars.

10 billions = 10'000'000'000

And 10'000'000'000/365 days = 27'397'260,- US$ of cash production per day.

Would you put 1 or more parcels of 10 US$ to get the right to share every day such cash production ?

The proposal is offered to folks in cashkeeping mode it means that you can reverse and stop sharing daily results against the cash back just using your cashcall order.

Details and "how to" are proposed by the economic upgrade of the Classic Economy adding a fourth practice called datevaluation. And by the practice of this substitute of the investment practice you go to the Universocial Cash Economy on the Webcash_Universocial_Web.

Now for technical infrastructure the WUW-team-4G3W is challenging Google for the creation of the bank-financial function under Android Nexus One. The thing is on Googledepending step.

Then for regulations and US Admnistration control the WUW-team-4G3W is challenging the President Barak Hussein Obama. The thing is on Obamadepending step.

For you it is much-more-simple : linking money-to-money for much-more-money using the web for free with your free Personal Webcashmotor. Get your personalized money.
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