Google for universocial wellbeing structure

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Yes we need that. Because to make possible datevaluation practice for folks linking money-to-money uses, upgrading Classic Economy into 4G3W, we need Google systems that must scale enormously, handling vast quantities of data, offering a worldwide user base, very rapid live-responses.

Because we have to optimize economic gestures (4G) for best results. Savings must go web-live with their timestock personalized by self creation. Which self creation produces webcashmatic added value.

So let it be filipe.twobee.alvesferreira@gmail.com and aardvark answering. Because Economy have to be a 4 legs system. Because we have to get conditions to create added value when we want to do it. Because we have to get satisfaction for our needs and wants.

Upgrading from 3 legs (consumption.savings.investment) into 4 legs (consumption.savings.investment.datevaluation). That is the point proposed in Gool-Bama-Cash solution. In Googledepending phasis for Obamadepending adoption by regulations and worldwide political complements.Let people use freedom for 4 actions-reactions.
Adding human-energy at universocial structure and getting personal wellbeing result. Such is the upgraded Economy.

Go with the flow : take Chrome Experiments as an example.
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