Your financial tweets pushing you up and up forever

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Pushing you up and up forever
Because most of your tweets could become money containers with a timestock of your savings ability. Then by linking money-to-money with googledepending structure and obamadepending regulations,your personalized-dynamic-savings may run catching webcashmatic added value into your account.Your Webcashaccount using your own webcashmotor in your smart Mousephone 4G3W.

Because we need an investment's substitute so easy to get efficacity like your tweets in twitter.com and 10€ each tweet my tweets at http://twitter.com/filipe27 could be my dynamic reserve of 3,876 cells-production-tweets x 10€ = 38,876 € producing interest rate linked at Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor and sharing day-cash-results making personalized source of permanent production of added value.

It is the Gool-Bama-Cash recipe proposed for economic upgrade. For you. For your cash results day after day, always more and more results and forever. Ask Google and Barak Obama. For universocial wellbeing. For you again.
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