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Economist Debates around Euro Bonds or Debt Mutualisation. 

Debt mutualisation is not a recipe to resolve debt. 
We have to make simple :

1. Our Classic Economy give 3 kinds of results for the total result of the three economic practices :
Sum Results of Consumption actions   Results of Savings actions   Results of investment actions = Sum of all 3 = Economic crises

2. Because we need an enlarged economic space giving folks the opportunity for wealth creation.

3. Yes because at the moment folks are not motivated for savings (bad deal), folks are not able to invest (no expert requirements), then folks are forced into consumption acts.

Even with debt mutualisation, with "euro bonds" or others financial junks, Classic Economy would not break its limits above.

Then vote results is another game unable to construct.

To go head, we need an investment substitute. Giving folks the opportunity of capital gains in "cashkeeping mode". It means folks have to be able to create "personalized-webliving-savings". Shifting from credit/debt, classic mechanics asset. Into web registered property asset. By date valuation (datevaluation practice) of their money. Give them a one-click motor-for-savings.

Giving us an upgraded economy adding datevaluation results.
Using the web and mobile devices. I mean Economy 4G3W.

Have a look at Obamadepending versus Googledepending protocols. Yes, Gool-Bama-Cash is the better financial recipe to resolve on-line. Just linking money-to-money for much-more-money.
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