The creation of dynamic products as your wealth source

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In Classic Economy basis, we are in the dependence of the investment's alias, for added value process going on to wealth .

In Digital Economy 4G3W, we propose the adition of the datevaluation practice, for definition of added value security, by the creation of dynamic cells production which resolves a personal wealth resource.

Datevaluation or linking money-to-money is proposed in a Googledepending/Obamadepending protocol giving folks a web-cash-ability. In cashkeeping mode, for personal webcashmatic results.

The thing remains simple because the economic upgrade, is an enlargement from 3 for 4 options for folks guiding money. It means that people not has to stay limited on the classic 3 fields of consumation/savings/investment, because with internet use and the creation of dynamic products allows the opportunity of an economic change from 3 into 4 stability legs. Making with 3 degrees or with 4 degrees of liberty, operating on 3 spaces or upgrading on 4 spaces.

As you see, the creation of dynamic products in digital economy is for your wellbeing in financial security.

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