Expecting Google as the pioneer launcher of financial phones

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Google have to cut, the "personal-savings-helper" from the use of Microsoft, Apple and others boys, in face at the opportunity of the advantage of the money datevaluation it means the launch of the phone for linking money giving people the ability for the creation of personalized-digital-savings.

Yes because it is the future. The introduction of the datevaluation practice is the singular process to make agreement between FED and GOOGLE for the enlargement of the economic space where people have to make economic action for wellbeing.

And if Google can supply the infrastructure to run all personalized economic actions, Obama have to see safety of people in universocial wellbeing and the US Admnistration  have to supply the regulations.

Then we can go by 10€ parcels, linking money  at the "One trillion" Universocial-Sovereign-Anchor, sharings little cells of cash production, for much-more-money in daily cash results. At 12:00 New-York local time, at the TOM (Timestock-Owndated-Market), results and time-market. Because it's time to deal time. When you are able to save money, first than me.

Is Google so sleepy to let do another pioneer win the lauch of the financial-phones ? No it is not.

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