Counting time from the date of your savings

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Yes. Google can do that.

What for ? In order to remunerate the datevalors saver.
Because when you create parcels of personalized-webliving-savings by datevaluation (linking money-to-money), each one of yours owndated webquantums properties have to get a "Financial_TimeStamp" as parameter to fix the webcashmatic capital gain result going to the ownership creator.

The Timestock parameter of each dynamic savings parcel is related with the other webliving-savings having fixed the overall amount of the day cash results in application every 24 hours at the T.O.M. (Timestock_Owndated_Market). The better cash result of the day, belongs to the owner of the biggest Timestock refered by all the winner parcels of that day results.

Yes. US Admnistration can regulate the matter, for the T.O.M.'s service.

What for ? Because human nature needs and wants, giving folks a personal helper or motor-for-savings. Nexusgoing. As Freud's interpretation of multidimensional scaling results.

For datevaluation economic practice go to : wuwcash.org
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