The right way the things as it are

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Yes because the true is a view point but things are as it reveal.

And it is not so new that a production cycle, mainly presents a form like :

Cash investment as experts prevision ;
Forwarding control ;
Production and treatment of it discontinuous jumps ;
Marketing and it capricious fashion  ;
Invoicing ;
Collection and it risks;
Cash return expected with some capital gains. Or loses, yes it may become a fact.

Well, that in classic economic forms in the Classical Economy.

But may it stay like this, in Economy 4G3W ?
No. Because the money datevaluation practice, changes the matter.

Indeed, following the idea of cash_sharing_cash, the production cycle presents a reduced form like :

Cash in personalized-webliving-savings ; 
Linked pipe with the Universocial_Sovereign _ Anchor for shared interest production ; 
Return of cash production with webcashmatic results for the datevalors-savers. 

Not so stupid. Dont you agree ? 

That's why linking money-to-money by datevaluation over One-click-motor-for-savings using an App like One-Click-Motor-for-Savings it's not a mirage.

Google and the US Admnistration can do it. For folks wellbeing.
It's the confortable future for you. It's the form of your helper-for-savings. As you need it.
Free. 100% free. 100% out, of any form of obligation.

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