You got interest rate # now let's get capital gains

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Yes. That is the economic upgrade skill, basis of Economy 4G3W. Datevaluation practice, or linking money-to-money practice, it means.

Because when you create Personalized-Webliving-Savings, you create one or more Owndated Webquantums (10€ each O.W.) which are registered properties.

The core of the datevaluation skill is that you shift each 10€ from the classical credit asset (able to purchase interest), into 1 asset of registered property at your name (able to purchase capital gains).
And, that financial property - each Owndated Webquantum at your webcashaccount - is a capital asset liable to be sold with bilateral requirement and endorsement of registration in favor of the new owner.
As the amount realized on the disposition exceeds your creation price, you make a capital gain. By webcashmatic result at the T.O.M. (Timestok Owned Market) where you sell the financial time contained in dynamic savings . Indeed, you sell your capacity of savings constitution on a past time.
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The capital gain is the difference between the higher selling price and the lower and fixed 10€ parcel which you have to put for shifting by webcashmotor in the creation of each Owndated Webquantum.
Losses are eliminated because datevaluation is a cashkeeping economic practice. Because it is basicly an web helper-for-savings constitution. Because it's free to shift asset and to shift again.

This is the reason why datevaluation is the investment's substitute exclusive, and the fourth economic leg.
And it is also the reason why US Admnistration have to deal with Google for the technical structure able to support regulations for folks practice. W3C's agreement is contained.
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