What is the utility of the tagvaporation onto live-savings ?

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When you create live-savings using the app personal webcashmotor you make a fusion that join together :  a start point of time (counting the time from the moment of your action), one parcel of capital (fixed at 10€) and creator's name who became the owner of that new created "owndated webquantum".

During the fusion for the creation of each "1 O.W. = 10 € in live-savings" your app proposes the free use of the tagvaporator function. You can use or refuse the tagvaporation menu which effect is to put an ability's #tag for the futur work over the capital of 10€ contained in the concerned 1 O.W.. (ie : capital#tag#research, capital#tag#health, capital#tag#africa)

Keeping you bank-finantial power.
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