Where are the economic spaces by 1 trillion turnover ?

buzz this

Look it in an added vector to the classic economic activity.

That extension for economic fields, let see and construct with enough facility.

Have you got it ?

Yes you see. The new economic practice called "datevaluation"  which is the extension able to open the new utility giving folks a new option to get added values from the creation of their digital objects.

Then at the virgin space where datevaluation may be executed to obtain "webcashmatic" results, big companies (Google i.e.) who are able to create, control and maintain the web appropriated structure for the relations [datevalors economic agent / WUW The Webcash Universocial Web / Google / US Admnistratiom / FED Timestock Exchange/US WorldTax Liberation Treatment / datevalors economic agent net cash results ].

OK. I got it. But where are the attributs of the infinite production to feed "webcashmatic" results, taxes payment for ongoing activity and ressources for trillions turnover ?

The thing (the fountain) is so obvious that blinds the most eminent scientists.

The financial recipe comes from the reduction of the classic cycle of profits achievement.

And from the classic economic cycle [cash-investment-production-billing-collection] we have to get a webcashmotor-cycle 4G3W which resolves the reduction [cash-production-cash_results].

The solution linking money-to-money, or cash-sharing-cash, or with the code name "gool-bama-cash" has been proposed and tested on public market from early october 1982.

The authoring is asking Google to give folks a one-click-motor-for-savings. Will Google retain ?

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