Why Apple is not prefered in front of Google for applying the 4G3W Economy ?

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Google has been researched into the silicon jungle and then elected for the job : Google have to launch the facility for "datevaluation" practice.

Yes giving folks the opportunity to get cash in webcashmatic way. Starting new things.

Yes giving to the world an investment's substitute and upgrading the Classic Economy.

Yes Google and US Admnistration, they can do that. With efficacity and simplicity.

Is the task possible because Google owns Alphalbet Inc. ?

No. It becomes because of Google's substantce and it grade of purity.

Don't you see that Google is essential ? Look :

Digital objects are like digital photos.

Then in the financial world the money may be organized like photos.

By datevaluation or linking money-to-money practice, it is possible to shift money parcels into "owndated webquantums", it means personalized-webliving-savings.

So personalized digital money is allways singular, depending on it creator ownership, it born moment, and it dynamic life of each 10€ charge in shared process of production for cash results.
Making webcashmatic results organized for you may become a Google's predictible job for folks wellbeing.

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