Google able to opens the border of your money

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Resultado de imagen de webcashmatic datevalors property

Accelerant for #quadrillions dollars business, Google just have to protocolate (with USAdmnistration) and launch the Economy 4G3W, a new financial Era.

It means to give folks the opportunity of a new economic practice. Because the money datevaluation is an investment's substitute, giving webcashmatic results out of risk.

Launching an economic world dressed with 4 free choices for your money target :

If you like consumption for live : spend your money
If you like increase safety : save your money
If you like production factors challenge  : do invest your money
If you like capital gains by IoT : shift the asset of your money

Yes because you may use Internet to create digital objects. Computing timestamping on your money parcels and creating "owndated webquantums" in registered property asset. Blockchain or better, #googledepending of course.

Then the border of your money is opens for unlimited results. By the way Google works with the Humanity.
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