Invest or unleash the power of the investment's substitute

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Resultado de imagen de economic trilemmaDuring your economic live, day after day, when you have to choose the economic action which is the more appropriated for the results you are looking for, often you feel the discomfort in the contradictory actions of the Classical Economy :

If you decide to spend, you have to give up saving or investing;
If you decide to save, you have to give up investing or spending;
If you decide to invest, you have to resign to spend or save.

A trilemma impossible to solve within the limited space the economic use of these three actions currently available.

The proposal and challenge for the conclusion of a protocol between Google and the Administration of the United States of America would serve the launch of the 4G3W Economy giving people the opportunity to make the money datevaluation as a fourth economic action available to resolve the trilemma.

Ask Google and unleash the power of datevaluation as an investment substitute for folks use.

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