Enhance financial pumps and create digital savings.

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Why may I have to create digital savings ?
Because you introduce web-dynamics into your money .

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) you may have for the Author in Economy 4G3W

1. Let me introduce you on the proposed linking money-to-money practice, I mean the proposal of your one-click-app for datevaluation practice :
are you looking towards new ways on economy improvement for enhance your own economic performance ?

You know, current tech-changes are becoming easier and more accurate and every day you have to find how a single-one-click may resolve your needs and wants. Isn't Google Search your better helper-tool ?
2. Is the money datevaluation practice, a financial kitchen ?

Yes and no.

Yes, because the thing is challenging FED's for the creation of the Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor (U_S_A) for giving folks CLO (Cash_Link_Opportunities) to keep their personal bank-financial power.

No, because Regulations and the USA Admnistration are not salt, pepper or kitchens.
Do you think it is possible to create a substitute for the investment's practice ? Would you use the thing for yielding wealth if just you need to link money-to-money at the U_S_A ?
Do you trust, on Google-Alphabet's cow,  on US's President - USAdmnistration and on United-We-Solve-for-X ?

3. Why Gool-Bama-Cash may turn into your personal and free webcashmotor recipe?
Because it resolves how to folks can make from web dynamic savings, web-cash-matic capital gains and multiplied results.
Google have to resolve how easy it is, giving tech structure to support personal linking money-to-money activity on getting much-more-money and solving folks needs and wants.

After Google-FED protocole, every day at 12:00. At New York TOM (Timestock-Owned-Market).
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