How and for what is The T.O.M. ?

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T.O.M. The Timestock Owned Market is a predictable market with proposed location at New York.

In the resolution of the next need for public fixation of the results of the economic activity of "datevaluation" to be applied and distributed in cash every 24 hours at 12:00 New York local time in favor of the economic agents called "datevalors", WUW The Webcash Universocial Web is promoting the founding of TOM..
In addition to the results to be set every 12:00, the "datevaluation" activity produces a market for the transfer of digital savings properties that initially works with the organization in Bid & Ask spot market. Awaiting derivatives for later.

The creation of this market is necessary to allow the mercantile treatment of the time contained on digital savings.
It are dynamic time-units counting time and carriying US$ 10,- of financial compound redemable, each "Owndated Webquatum".

T.O.M. New York Time Exchange at virtual building

It is from the local headquarters of TOM that happens the final task :

 The application of FED deliveries as results, being:

a) Each day a "TotUnixTimeCashCake" due to USAnchor's production (Universocial Sovereign Anchor) with the supervision and surveillance collaboration of The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA);
b) Each day a "TotRedemedSavings" that will be derived in total and immediately to the Google Cloud Platform in favor of the cashcall rescues by the Personal Savings Helpers;
c) The payment of the "TotUnixTimeCashCake" slice to GDP for its services and in execution of the protocols;
d) The payment to the Authoring;
e) Payment to WUW.

  The oversight of the general function of the TOM .

 The general treatment of incoming questions.

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