Ingredients and tools for data-valuation of US$ fiat creating UUS$$ digital

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Sure you do use your next Do-G-Phone to make savings and to create dollar digital UUS$$ (universocial digital US$) by shifting the fiat Fed's US$.

Because that's the way to get #webcashmatic results each 24 hours.

Make digital savings to manage and guide your money maded sensitive in a personalized Internet space where you can build your luck
Yes, your progressive luck made dynamic by monetary on your self demarked space that expands each time you create 1 digital  UUS$$ - Universocial digital US dollar.

How can you do, what tools, what ingradients to infuse time into the money body ?

1. Registration at WUW's Ledger for Identity and Access Management (IAM) ;
2. Confirmation, downloadable app code execution ;
3. Starter of PSH-Personal Savings Helper accounting test  
4. Kick off action by trigger smart contract BPaaS algorithm run.

Look #googledepending's solving-for-folks all their Needs and Wants by  W4 Algorithmical Do-G-Phone.

Do-G-Phone could be people's monetary datum inductor for it processment into Google's Computorial Cloud Structure.

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