How to link money-to-money

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How to

link money-to-money in Economy 4G3W

When you choice the money datevaluation for your economic action, you enter in a new economic world enlarged by this investment's substitute containing enjoing savings, random daily cash results and allways webcashmatic plusvalues.
The money datevaluation is a free universocial practice, that is free of risks and cashkeeping (it means that your money is just linked but return in the same cash phasis when you call it).
The datevaluation of some of your money (10€ or multiples) is a free possibility for the owner of any free personal registered webcashaccount.
If you like to link 10€ or a multiple amount go to the Webcash_Universocial_Web and register to get your personal webcashmotor. It is the icon of the web device for your communication motor screen (Mousephone or another 4G3W). It is delivered 100% free :
1) Please register my own webcashmotor ;
2) Look when you receive your webcashmotor you see a new icon in your screen linked to your webcashaccount in the WUW the Webcash_Universocial_Web ;
3) Select "my flash position" by exciting your webcashmotor menu and see all the dynamic counters of your webdated moment values ;
4) Choice and pay the savings amount for it datevaluation (As for cellphone charging operation) ask the amount for datevaluation (10€ for each 1 OW) over your WUW Personal Space. Just introduce the number of your webcashaccount and keep your webdated ticket with the wuwcode answer back ;
5) Apply your wuwcode order and confirm your new "flash position" ;
6) Take a look of your "owndated webquantums" properties .
7) Follow your economic performance by your savings evolutiono by flash position as often as you like.
.Look the results of your webcashfishing savings mode.
..Deal with some of your "owndated webquantum" getting if you like some plusvalues.
... Keep all your OW's. Put cash. Call cash. Everything relax because your economic life is now going up and for forever.
....See your daily 12h New York cash results. Keeping cash and safe you may now multiply.
.....In the new Economy 4G3W you just choice your economic growing speed. Allways cash. Allways free of risks.Be happy and give some feedback
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