Owdated Webquantum WIKI

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In Economy 4G3W the money datevaluation is a personal practice creating webjuristhings like "owndated webquantums".

Each owndated webquantum (OW) is a fusion of 10€ with the webdate of the datevalors creation which remains his property. The OW parcel created contains the owner name + the webdated of the money datevaluation + 10€ of bank money.

Any OW is refered in its datevalors webcashaccount and it is the material where is applied the link money-to-money. This personalized money link for much-more-money in daily 12h00m New York cash results is the connection with all 4G3W free production factors and with the 4G3W Inflation Compressor which is the Universocial_Cash_Funds.

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