May I link some 10€uros money parcels ?

buzz this

No problem my Dear. Your webcashmotor is delivered for free. At the WUW you never pay nothing.

Go CashPut_for-much_more_CashCall. That's all. Out of risk, because you create your

Link money-to-money in a cashkeeping operation.
It means that you keep your cash. Just you-do-mark-your-money with your better webdate, then webfishing and webcashfishing, your personal webcashmotor start to run into Economy 4G3W. This new economic action is the solution for putting your economic life in road for going up forever. Web road-for-wealth running with your personal motor-for-savings.

The money datevaluation is the personal economic action by which 1 parcel (10€uros or multiples) of bank money is personalized by webcashmotor creation with :
- it owner name ;
- it webcashaccounted moment of the it link-to-money ;
- it association with the Universocial_Cash_Fund.
The owner's creation is 1 (for each 10€) Owndated Webquantum (OW) which is part of an economic enlarged space registered at WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web.
So it is the owners property oh his Selfmarked_WUW_Space .
@. All OWs created are webcashmatic plusvalues cell-generators by Cashkeeping_Added_Value and Personal_Savings_ Timestock.
@@. All OWs may be converted at any time in 10€ cash-bank-money by free webcashmotor datevalors order.
@@@. All OWs may receive the random application of 12h00 New York daily_cash_results and have a specifc chance for cash-multiplied-results with the same general rights on probability ressorts.
The mainly advantages of the money datevaluation are automated.
And all datevalors persons may use with any charge all the fonction in the menu of his webcashmotor : orders, tagvaporating, bid and ask and Timestock Market.

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