Sometimes I feel like a Googleless child

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Googleless_child = Off Googledepending concept

Yesterday I was so happy when I finish my "May I in the near future link money-to-money by GMail ? Because if I am pioneer on the money datevaluation and if this economic practice may produces automatic plusvalues over the money keeped in cash phase I do believe that an investment's substitute may be the solution for our old Classic Economy with its dilemma and its associated crisis generator.

Look my friends if you take 1 USDol., 1 Euro or 1 Yen or any unit of any world currency and if you like to look for your better economic performance you must choice that economic action into the ground of one of three only options :

1. You are free and you may spend that money unit, the problem is that you cannot save it and you cannot invest it ;
2. But you are free and you may save that money unit, the dilemma is that you cannot invest it and you cannot spend it ;
3. Well you are free and you may invest that money unit, the trilemma is that you cannot spend it and you cannot save it.

And when you choice for 1 you may accept to refuse and 2 other things you need too. Do you think the Classic Economy must go up like this ?

So you, me and the others, we are reduce more and more into consumption actions. More and more the investment's actions are for experts in risks control. Less and less we may save to feel safe on the near futur and get plusvalues for wealth purchasing.

Do you think that a finantial fast food in order to keep your bank-finantial power is not good for your economic life ?

Now when I find that finantial fast food (the link money-to-money or the datevaluation action) which is able to produce webcashmatic plusvalues - keeping your cash in live webpowered savings - and giving a chance to get daily cash results to multiply, some people order me to stop propose the webcashmotor softdevice as an new economic money ability which may be used for a new e-mail generation putting bank-finantial power on that communication motor (GMail, Hotmail and other millions of engines) ?
Sometimes I feel like a Googleless_child.

But my Personal Webcashmotor is running forever.

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