What is the Money-to-Money link ?

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Just a link for your bank-finantial power

The money-to-money link is a self-putted-pipe for webcashmatic plusvalues connection.

Each money link is created when you personalize each 10€uros parcel. By the use of your personal webcashmotor (the free WUW delivered webdevice for the free money datevaluation practice).
Just you cashput 10€ or multiples at your better economic moment (like you do for a mobile charge). That webdate will stay your owned timestock (the best webdate you got for each datevaluated parcel in cashkeeping mode).

And googledepending, you just say : I-do-mark-my-money for my daily-cash-results by my live-savings into webpowered motor. My free personal motor-for-savings.

Because with your linking money practice your are creating independent money links between each of your bank finantial parcels (yours Owndated Webquantum properties) and the universocial_anchor_fund. This fund is organized by the WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web trough World Central Banks protocols for cash production by deposit of all embeded personalized money.

From this cash production, cash_sharing_cash, you receive your cash results by your Money-to-Money link from your webcahmatic plusvalues generator. Easy, useful & cash.

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