Network + linking money + hyperconnectivity

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Linking money-to-money by datevaluation practice may resolve all financial problems first confessed as located in Grece. The fact may push the European Central Bank and J-C Trichet's team to overcome with datevaluation ressources as proposed in Economy 4G3W.

Because the creation of the personalized dynamic savings by folks on singularity application, allows asset control even when shifting reserves are not fungible like the money it is now in the Classic Economy for domestic and foreign finantial exchanges.

It is time to let people deal their added value when in matter of savings makers. Because we need all profits of all communication motors working among us. To cover wellbeing needs and refusing to do it with past and unconnected bonds. Bonds without energy plug-in even when ECB inflates with governments treasury bonds. Requering you and me and all of us. Because Economy is social and universal. It must be universocial. Welcome abord.

Let do with intranet and internet going and returning, free and webpowered.

Let me do, person-to-person. Let us do, with our personal-to-machine . Performing machine-to-machine. With our network connected devices. Like my Personal Webcashmotor, my own motor-for-savings.

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