KMers making hapen money links

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Because KM future is to make hapen big advantages for folks. By KMers professionals and #KMers hastag.

Yes because it's possible now to aggregate 1 web date + 1 money parcel + 1 ownership creating personalized webliving savings looking for dynamic added value and upgrading the Classic Economy into Economy 4G3W, that by communication motors.

The thing was depending of finding the first investment's substitute.

Now, the money datevaluation practice is in Googledepending and Obamadepending challenging proposals.

Because the money datevaluation is the first substitute of the investment broking the trilemma of the Classic Economy :

- if you spend, you dont save neither invest ;
- if you save, you dont invest neither spend ;
- if you invest, you dont spend neither save.

Now you have the choice of another economic practice to upgrade your economic life. The money datevaluation for yielding wealth in a new economic space. Linking money-to-money through the Web. By Personal Webcashmotor, for free and in cashkeeping mode.

To make hapen big advantages for folks.
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