What is savings-price ?

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Yes, because for economic results, it is not the same to save now or to save latter. Thus it has to be a remuneration prime for earlier savings. In Economy 4G3W the price of savings is measured in it  timestock .

When you link money the "bank-money financial charge" of 10€ becames, a new webjuristhing accounted asset in your webcash_ow's_inventory, your webcashaccount. (Go to waveGoogleWave).

Thus, for your personal money creation you have to shift one or multiples bank money parcels of 10€uros each (which are in credit assets) into personalized money or web-live-savings singular parcels (which are registered properties assets created at your better web date). It means that each of yours Owndated Webquantums creations contains the webdate as a dynamic growing stock of time. Contains a certain timestock .
This timestock in each parcel of your linked money, is the savings-price. Who is able to ask the price of savings-price ? The ownership of the personalized-webliving-savings. You, my Dear Datevalors. At the TOM (Timestock-Owned-Market) by free Bid&Ask .

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