The bulk of your money

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Is it the fault of your bank, that of the banking system or the Central Banks? 

where we arrived with our three pulp Economy invoked by Barack Hussein Obama using his capacity as President of the United States of America and now in search of the solution, here described in its major features.

You give in to the

the bank or your other debtors. Sometimes worry you're sick and guards in cash under your mattress, for example.

Linking money-to-money for much-more-money

The mass of your money may be tied to the date of connection to the dynamic webcashmatic . To share results every day at 12:00.

without consenting to the abandonment of its quality of available reserve. And without consenting to the abandonment of your financial capital.

And while retaining your power orientative or veto on areas of use by the banking system and government policies.

That is to say that you'll use the bulk of your money while keeping your funding authority expressed and count your rights or property Owndated Webquantums-Webliving-Personalized Savings. You have become the arbiter of geo-economic developement.

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