Linking money and WaveGoogle tagvaporable functions

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Your Personal Webcashmotor integrated into Wave.Google.com is the most powerful webdevice for the creation of personalized-webliving-savings or "owndated webquantums" properties 10€uros/each 1.

It would be simple for you to create 1 tagvaporable wave when you want make datevaluation of 10 €uros of bank money to shift asset and going into Economy 4G3W for your Self-Marked-WebSpace farming cash-sharing-cash to perform your daily multiplied cash results using your bank-financial power by dynamic-smart-savings = your personalized-webliving-savings.

In fact linking money suposes MEApiss and you can reach higher speeds for personal wealth growing if you take a break jumping at Your-Brain-Stormer (Authors: WyeMun and KaiLin).

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