ECB and the illusion about rates control

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And if people prefer digital savings and ECB is not prepared to give folks that skill to make capital gains from their cash ?

And if savers prefer capital gains in front of false rewards on interest rate basis ?

And if folks prefer assume their personal bank-financial-power, using movil androïd app for multiplied results in cashkeeping mode ?

The monetary policy for the €uro area, have to be induced for a set of major counters generated into the Timestock_Owned_Market, (The T.O.M. 12 o'clock New York).
And that have to be a result of digital savings universocial stream.
Because the web foundations of investments are under datevaluation practice and savers' control.
Through their Personalized-Webliving-Savings with USAdmnistration, W3C and Google.
FilipeAlvesFerreira(27th May 1942)

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