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The money datevaluation practice may be presented as the first economic practice which serves to substitute the investment practice, when the economic agent is looking to reach gains in added value for yielding wealth.
Datevaluation (linking money-to-money) is a new category of economic practice besides consumption, savings and investment which are the 3 practices for whole results in Classic Economy.
The datevaluation is a starter upgrade into Web wealth fields and using others personal communication motors to enlarge economic capabilities and giving the Economy 4G3W kick off (fourth economic gesture into the web W3C).

The practice of the money datevaluation is proposed to folks under personal registration for aquisition of the datevalors webjurisperson quality and for the free use of a webdevice the "Personal Webcashmotor 4G3W" which is delivered for free by The Webcash_Universocial_Web.
Webcashmotor, or Personal Webcashmotor, or Helper for Savings or Personal Motor-for-Savings is allways the same personal device to shift the credit asset of 10€uros of bank money into personalized parcels of dynamic saved value with the creation of Owndated Webquantums in registered asset of properties domaines.

It have to be the websoftdevice for the money datevaluation practice into Economy 4G3W. It may be reserved (1 for each person) and delivered by free dowload of the app Personal Webcashmotor Simulator at WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web.

The Personal Webcashmotor Simulator app  is the input or output mobile iconed program  for the creation of live-savings through a communication motor into the Selfmarked-WUW-Space on the Web W3C. 
Where each 1 OW is = 10 €uros shifted in 1 parcel of personalized-webliving-savings is accounted in your Personal Webcashaccount. 
Userers (datevalors) shift credit asset into property ownership asset . And all the running operations are in cashkkeping mode.
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