How to make digital-savings

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Let me use de form "HOW TO"

The constitution of classic savings is becoming more and more a bad option, because your saved amount + interest rate, dont cover inflation.
Now we are introducing datevaluation as a new economic practice to give folks the opportunity to make capital gains and multiplied webcashmatic results, by shifting the classic credit-bank asset onto an upgraded asset of Personalized-Webliving-Savings in registered properties (Owndated Webquantums). A few like you moove from bank to notary.


== Steps ==

# You have to fill the form at http://www.wuwcash.org . Use your real name, the same of your identity card.Then, after confirmation you receive from the wuwteam4g3w@gmail.com your reservation for the free delivery of your "Personal Webcashmotor Simulator".

## With your reservation, which is the confirmed sequencial number (ie : PWS0000001027) you own the right to receive your Personal Webcashmotor 4G3W for free.For free because at the wuwcash.org you nerver have to pay nothing. Because onto the Universocial Cash Economy, the upgraded Digital Economy 4G3W, all results are coming from your digital-savings in cashkeeping cells-production quantums and organized for webcashmatic results (all taxes payed under US Obamadepending regulations and all web-support-costs free under Googledepending structure).

### That is all. You can get for free, your helper for dinamic savings contitution. It is a one-click motor-for-savings.

== Tips ==

* Go to : What is the Universocial Cash Economy

== Warnings ==

* Think that digitalizing things, are things that you have to create. The project "Personal Webcashmotor 4G3W" is just an app proposed for the first Do-G-Phone. A projected smart-financial-phone giving folks a personal motor-for-savings .It makes you start to run onto Economy 4G3W. Have fun and upgrade your economic performance keeping your bank-financial-power, just for you.

== Sources and Citations ==
* https://sites.google.com/site/economie4g3w/webcashmoteur/home/la-naissance-de-l-economie-4g3w
** http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Maynard_Keynes

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