Startup scripts for datevaluation launch

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May be you would be able to write the startup scripts for the launch of datevaluation skill which mixes the savings-investment's substitute modes, allowing the basis fund-mental of digital economics. If so, please move closer to the Author in Economie 4G3W.
In fact we are working hard in order to give folks a one-click-motor-for-savings and you are welcome for copyrights-sharing at WUWteam4G3W. The launch of the Gool-Savings-Impulsor may make the difference between Google, Microsoft and or others, then World's Regulators and or as the US President .

The reason for our commitment is that linking money-to-money practice is a cutting-edge mix of savings-investment modes, using the web for personalized economic performance and an automatic helper force allowing the constitution of the dynamic savings.

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