How to produce webcashmatic results

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image from http://miriadna.com
To reveal the production process which enables the  webcashmatic generation in unlimited results, of cash capital gains, for universocial wellbeing performance and yours own, the Author and his @WUWteam4G3W, has been proposing a patchwork of elements following the idea that the discovery of an investment's substitute would interesse some big heads in technology (as might be Google and we create the hastag #googledepending) and some big heads on economics and politics for the admnistration of public powers (as might be US Admnistration and we create the hastag #obamadepending).

Well, we fall. People are too busy and the Big Heads are limited by their needs of fame.  An investment's substitute is at most a visionary mirage and a poisoned idea. It's nothing on the wave. And like less than Google Wave, we have to shut up.

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