How much is the annual production in interest of 1 trilion US $ ?

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What is it divided by 365 days ?

Well, at the rate of 2% if the debtor was safe as it could be the Fed, such production would be 2/100 * 1'000'000'000'000 / 365 = 27'397'260, - US $ every 24 hours.

What should you do to get the right to attend the daily sharing of this cash production generated by the Universocial Sovereign Anchor ?

To share results you have to be owner of at least 1 unit of digital savings. So you have to create one or more Owndated Webquantums connecting plots of 10 € with the USAnchor. Increasing production with at its own dynamics savings recorded in your account web_cash.

This is a part of the mechanical web within the process "linking money by mousephone 4G3W".

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