May we expect to gather 1 trillion US$ for a new investment ?

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Yes and no.

Yes, because political decisions may arrive over the market in front of some imposed big needs.

No, because investment needs presented at the market are going on priorities to  satisfaction with the lowest risks preferences.

So to gather big amounts of money for big investments (how big is big) we need an economic upgrade enlarging spaces and targeting new dimensions of time and of mobile dynamics portability.

Linking money-to-money or the money datevaluation practice is the investment substitute which resolves the difficulty to gather trillions or quadrillions.

Just we have to give folks a personal motor-for-savings.
Let people go directly to central banks. Let make the upgrade of the old financial pumps with their narrow necks on commercial banks uses. Let be Google  introduce financial structures  of dynamic savings for folks wellbeing.
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